January 13, 2021 Breaking news and thoughts:

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion”
~Proverbs 28:1

We Are Witnessing The Second American Civil War Turn Hot – Democrats Are Oblivious To The Dangerous Waters They Are Treading – All News Pipeline

Ice Age Farmer: Final Broadcast? Big Tech cuts comms, Big Food cuts supply lines. – NC  Renegade

Link to Jeffery Prather’s podcast yesterday:

Big tech crushes POTUS & all free speech. Patriot pretenders finally unmasked. Combating covert ops at capitol breech. Deep state announces next false flag.
Final Option

This is a one time deal, if you want to hear his Intel you need to pay the modest fee and subscribe to his site.  You would be foolish not to IMHO.

Here are some breaking stories from the Hal Turner web site.  I also suggest joining both the news and the podcast side of his site:

Joint Chiefs of Staff – Or Yellow-Bellied, Political Cowards? 

Most of our High level generals need to be charged with treason and shot. There was a reason the founders warned us never to have standing armies. ~MFP

MULTIPLE CLAIMS: Chinese Invasion Force Landing in CANADA to commence physical INVASION of USA

INTEL: Military Reservists Told “Drop Everything and report . . .”


Mike Adams  HRR  is a great resource, and he does a great job.
If you don’t listen to another podcast this would be a  good choice. ~MFP 

 Situation Update, Jan 12th, 2021 – Is Trump winning at unconventional warfare? –  Mike Adams Health Ranger Report

There is a split of opinion on whether Trump is in the process of implementing the insurrection act.  IMHO the evidence is  strongly in favor of this operation being currently implemented by Trump.  This is a very informative analysis. Mike Adams puts  out these one hour talks 5 days a week.

This is what is coming if YOU don’t  soon  speak the hell up! ~MFP

Attorney for PBS Wants Children of Trump Supporters Taken Away from Parents and Put into “Re-Education Camps”–  Medical Kidnap

COVID Vaccines “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction” says Wyoming Medical Doctor and Manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department – Transcript – Medical Kidnap

Watch this one:

Patriots Plan to Take Back the Country from Dangerous Marxist Technocrats w/ Dave Hodges  –  Sarah Westall

Exclusive: Customs Now Detaining Trump Supporters – Banned.video (35 minutes)

Disneyland Becomes ‘Mass-Vaccination Super-Site‘ – Zero Hedge