Yahoo Mail reads all outgoing mail, blocks messages that contain “misleading” info – Natural News

(Natural News) Many of our readers are familiar with Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter censoring content they deem as “misinformation.” But did you know that Yahoo Mail is now doing the same thing with people’s private emails?

Ben Garrison from wrote a piece for Zero Hedge all about what he encountered when trying to send an email about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to a friend in Germany. Because Garrison questioned the official narrative about the plandemic, his email was kicked back to him as “undeliverable.”

“For many years I traded occasional emails about classical music and culture with him,” Garrison writes. “This time I typed an email concerning the corona virus and I expressed some doubt about what our ‘authorities’ had been asserting.”

“I sent the email and a few minutes later it got kicked back to me by Yahoo,” he adds. “They said my mail had been censored for spreading ‘misinformation.’ That’s hard core censorship. It was as if the Post Office had opened my private mail, and returned it as undeliverable because the post master didn’t agree with my opinion.”

At the time, Garrison says he was only using Yahoo Mail as a “backup,” recognizing that the platform is connected to Yahoo News, which also censors content…Read More

MFP Commentary:
FWIW I recently opened a free Proton mail   account.   It imported all of my 2200 Google contacts but will not let me see data other than name and email without a  $60’ish a year paid account.