Armed Citizens Confront Corona “Case” Seekers – Eric Peters Autos

MFP Commentary:
Unfortunately most Americans are not this smart and don’t realize that the tyranny will stop when they  make it stop. That you get the government that you will put up with.

Armed Citizens Confront Corona “Case” Seekers

According to the Pioneer Press, a team of state and federal health workers who were conducting random coronavirus testing in communities across Minnesota were met by armed residents uninterested in being tested.

There was no violence. But the residents made plain their feelings about being tested.

The incident came to light after at least two Twin Cities-area police departments posted an email from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety on their social media accounts.

“The households are randomly selected so examiners will be out knocking on doors,” the message says. “I am sending this email because a team of MDH and CDC examiners was recently confronted by a group of armed citizens while out in a neighborhood.”

When confronted by the armed group, the team simply turned around and walked away and were not followed, according to a spokesperson….Read More