US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced Vaccines Are Constitutional

MFP Commentary:
It was not long ago that a supreme court justice was murdered (and the murder has still not been investigated) in order to make sure the court could do this.  What most Americans do not know, especially those that spent time in the 12 year long indoctrination camps known as “schools“,  is that the Constitution does not give the court the power “known as judicial supremacy”, or deciding what is  or is  not Conistional.  They made their illegitimate power grab in 1804 in a decision called Massey V Ferguson.

Jefferson explicitly addressed this:   in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798.


US Supreme Court Has Ruled that Forced Vaccines Are Constitutional

Attorney Alan Dershowitz says we have no Constitutional protection against being forcibly vaccinated because no one has a right to spread a deadly disease. This issue was decided by the US Supreme Court  long ago in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, in which the Court said the state has an obligation to use force, if necessary, to protect the lives of its citizens against the threat of a deadly disease. [This is a proper position, because the defense of life is one of the few proper functions of a just state. That is why we warn our activist friends not to overdo their claim that shutdowns and forced vaccines violate their constitutional rights. If their lawsuits ever get into the courts, they will lose.

The problem is that this position is justified only if the deadly threat is real and not staged as a political ploy, and those who are staging the hoax are the ones who will decide that it is real. Those who challenge them will be imprisoned for spreading false information that endangers public health and safety. Furthermore, in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts the Court said the threat doesn’t even need to be real if those making the decision believe it is. That part of the ruling provided a loophole big enough to drive a truck through because it allows political criminals to escape punishment simply by claiming they had bad advice.

So forget the Constitutional argument, folks, and focus on increasing public awareness of the facts and indignation over betrayal by those who we have trusted. Nothing short of a tsunami of public indignation will spare mankind from forced vaccines. If you want to help us in this undertaking, click here.] -GEG