FDA aggressively attacking colloidal silver products to clear the way for a Big Pharma coronavirus VACCINE (that will probably kill 100,000 Americans all by itself)

More government eugenics are you surprised?  ~MFP

(Natural News) Companies that sell colloidal silver, which could provide protection against infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), now face possible reprimand from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for selling “fraudulent products.”

The federal agency, which only considers pharmaceuticals to possess any medical benefits, says it recently issued warning letters to multiple firms instructing them to stop suggesting that colloidal silver can in any way help prevent, treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Instead of focusing on FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, which maim and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, the FDA has instead indicated that it will be “actively monitoring” companies that sell colloidal silver to ensure that they’re not trying to help people avoid infection using this natural alternative.

“The FDA is exercising its authority to protect consumers from firms selling unapproved products and making false or misleading claims, including, by pursuing warning letters, seizures, or injunctions against products and firms or individuals that violate the law,” the agency further indicated in an announcement on its “Health Fraud Scams” website.

In order to make way for an eventual Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, the FDA is trying to clear out natural things like colloidal silver, vitamin C, zinc, and quinone that threaten to expose the inevitable jab “solution” as unnecessary, and thus fraudulent.

The colloidal silver companies targeted by the FDA as part of its crackdown include:

• JRB Enterprise Group Inc. DBA Anti-Aging Bed
• Halosense Inc.
• Bioactive C60/FullerLifeC60 LLC
• Corona-cure.com
• Carahealth
• Xephyr LLC dba N-ergetics
• GuruNanda, LLC
• Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd
• Vivify Holistic Clinic
• Colloidal Vitality LLC
• The Jim Baker Show
• Herbal Amy Inc.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how people are already fleeing big cities to get away from what’s to come with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis:

The science is clear: Colloidal silver is a powerful antiviral

Say what it might about colloidal silver, but the FDA is just plain wrong when it comes to completely discounting it as “fraudulent.” While we can’t say for sure that colloidal silver is a certifiable cure for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), it remains a scientific fact that silver ions are powerfully antiviral….Read More

EDITORIAL: Seymour Drug – Your government wants you dead

Seymour Drug 3.31.20

 I  assume that you all have heard of the  illegitimate FDA “regulations” that  are the  main reason that we have a shortage of respirators for this crisis, and they are in effect murdering people for control and a political agenda.

 Yesterday I was informed that 2 local Amish had died of pneumonia. I have had lung issues since young and decided on the spot to go purchase a battery powered nebulizer capable of nebulizing colloidal silver.


I went to Seymour Drug  in Seymour MO and asked for a nebulizer. I was told that I needed a “prescription.”  I thought that they misunderstood so explained exactly  what I was looking for. They repeated that I needed a prescription!  I then rhetorically asked them if somehow I was mistakenly in North Korea? I also added that it seemed to be the case that drug stores were in the business of killing people.  I guess the government thinks I was going to shove it up my ass and kill myself with it.  Really I think that it is thinly veiled eugenics like much of what the government is doing.

I was trying to act like a responsible adult and take steps that would protect the lives of myself and my immediate neighbors. Instead I was criminally refused my right to purchase this item. (there is not even a “law”! This is all illegitimate “regulation” by an unconstitutional agency:  the FDA.)  instead of me spending my own money to buy this product as I wanted to do….. I headed over to CoxHealth Center in Seymour. There I was told that they would not write such a permission slip without a medical history of respiratory issues.   I eschew  doctors so there is no such record. So I have scheduled an appointment for tomorrow morning.  All paid for my medicare.  i.e. the tax payer.

If you work for a living I want to thank you for paying for this unnecessary doctors visit.  If they will not write the prescription tomorrow be prepared to pay even more as I will likley avail myself to an emergency room or doctor shop for another doctor that will write the permission slip.  Then when that is accomplished you will also pay for an overpriced (all prescription items are overpriced)  prescription nebulizer from Seymour Drugs.

**UPDATE  2 thoughts:
I was told by the pharmacist that this “law” has been in place for over 20 years. Well I hate to inform her of the fact that I bought a nebulizer 7 years ago from Seymour Drug and it didn’t require a prescription.  My guess is that this FDA regulation (not law) was never enforced until recently.  That way they can kill as many as possible, and create panic.

My other though is that I just learned that a friends sister in PA is in a coma and on a respirator and might not make it. What might have happened, IMHO what likley would have happened, if she had access to a $50 nebulizer and some silver or appropriate essential oil is that she would be at home recovered by now?  Not the real possibly  of facing her  last days on this earth.

 Business’s that go along with this tyranny like Seymour Drugs has done,  will most likley  have culpability in the deaths of local residents, unfortunately they will never be prosecuted although I think that USC title 18 sections 241 & 242 may be applicable. I see a strong parallel between this incident and the guards at Auschwitz prison camp that thought they were doing nothing wrong by gassing Jews because that was the law.  It didn’t hold up an Nuremberg and they hung.    The bottom line is that if  I were put on a jury I would vote to convict Seymour Drugs of any number of real crimes for following this tyranny disguised as law.

Here are  links to other stories  about how callus government is about your life:

FDA aggressively attacking colloidal silver products to clear the way for a Big Pharma coronavirus VACCINE (that will probably kill 100,000 Americans all by itself)

Virginia: Man Facing 20 Years In Prison for Protecting Himself With Gun against Robbers   FWIW people in the UK have been going to jail for defending themselves for a generation or more.


Let me make you aware of another area where your government is trying to kill you perhaps it should be a separate article…..
We are entering into an era where we will most undoubtedly have war on this continent for the 1st time since the War of 1812:

Three unmistakable signs that WAR is coming to America: Pompeo orders all American citizens to “immediately” return to the USA

The President of El Salvador Was Correct: World War III Has Begun

That being said,  in violation of the second amendment  your government has legitimately  made it a crime for millions of Americans to even own guns. Ever hear of the 1968 gun control act?   

To properly defend oneself  by being able to  fire proper suppression fire  you  need a fully automatic weapon. If you don’t know that is a $50 part that  you  could add on to your AR15.  Instead you must get government permission and likley pay around $12,000 for your full auto AR15. 

Another item of war that would save possibly millions of American lives,  is access to other tools of war such as explosives.  Things such as dynamite, artillery,  and hand grenades.  FWIW these items are covered in the second amendment. When I was younger we  used to get dynamite from the local hardware store.  Students also used to bring their rifles to school and either leave them in their vehicle or put them in a locker if they walked.  Amazinging without a big brother government we didn’t blow each other up or shoot each other.

If  I could easily get  dynamite  now (it’s a Constitutionally protected  right after all)  Also I would not have had to spend the last 2 months digging out a stump in my greenhouse)

FWIW if you had traveled to Switzerland in the 1970’s you would have seen a population that had access to all of the weapons of war. In fact they were required to have fully automatic weapons hidden in their homes.  Today sadly even the Swiss military  has succumbed to the incrementalism of the globalists and today this is not as much the case.

When the UN troops, the Chinese and Russians come to your town please remember that your government has made it a crime for you to possess the things that you need to effectively protect the lives of your children and wives. For the uninitiated IUDs are avery affordable and effect way to defend oneself.  They could save countless lives in this country.  In fact over 90% of US casualties in the middle east have been from IUD’s.   Such an effective way to defend yourself  has been denied to you and yours – by a criminal government that urinates on the Constitution, the highest law of the land.   The same goes for the lack of fully automatic weapons among the general population (the milita).
With say a full auto MP5 this old man would have a hell of lot better chance of defending myself against a large group of people that did not prepare for this and were going to kill me to take what I may have, , or a UN unit that wants to take my food or put me in a camp.  The odds get even better if  4 of my neighbors have full auto MP 5’s.

Now this same criminal government that treats us as if we were niggers on their plantation,  that wants to reinstitute slavery which they will euphemistically call the draft.  Women will also be drafted at some point as we don’t have enough healthy men to fight this war.

Check your cognative dissonance and research  every claim that I have made here.  With these facts on the table I will not fight in the standing army for the government that treats me as a slave.

It’s a hard choice, but I choose not to choose either of  2 evil governments.   (the present US government and China)
Instead I urge you to eschew the draft. Something you should be planning right now.  I also urge you ASAP  to form local militias and prepper groups.  Do not depend on anyone other than yourself to protect what you hold dear. If you do you will likley regret it.

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