Rex on the DANGER of Red-Flag-Laws & Handling Bullies ~ Rex Reviews on the AM590 in L.A.

MFP Commentary:
Red Flag laws ARE NOT needed. If someone threatens another, that is already a crime, and can be handled without ever trying to determine “mental state”.  Mental state only comes into play if you are deciding whether to put some in jail or into a mental facility. Either way laws should only address actual committed crimes and not be blasphemous in that they pretend to be God and predict future behavior.

This will backfire on us if implemented. Anyone that criticizes the government will be deemed insane just like in the old Soviet Union. You would have to be insane IMHO to allow the very people that we have firearms to protect ourselves from, determine who can own firearms!! (FWIW we have already entered this insanity with the 1968 gun control act) This is going down the same road that allows CPS to kidnap our children with zero due process! Dumbed down Americans seem to be our main enemy…