How One California Marxist Is Indoctrinating Millions of School Children

MFP Commentary:
You do know that if you send your child to one of the government indoctrination centers for 12 years that the chances are 50/50 that they will turn out as socialist//communists.  Free government education is not the 10th plank of the communist manifesto for no reason.


Sorry folks.  It seems astounding to those of us who never bought into the whole Marxist criminal enterprise through which an elite of political organizers progressively take over the political apparatus for self aggrandize while telling any lie to get there.  Your first clue was that all the undergrads were all on the C team.
We are now reaching a crisis point in which all these communist sympathizers will need to be literally hunted down and banned from any political participation.  As most of them are active in criminally subverting elections, they may well be already trapped ( 100,000 sealed indictments? ).  What also needs to happen is that all clear Marxist sympathizers need to be thrown out of Academe and their whole faux intellectual disciplines need to be unfunded totally.   In fact this will cut about one third of the student population as well.
No longer do we need a class of studies that are no more than intellectual sophistry at best and otherwise a jobs for the stupid program……Read More:  link to original post.