Pedophiles Continue to be Licensed as Foster Parents in the U.S. to Meet the Demand for Child Sex Slaves

MFP Commentary:
I don’t Think it a coincidence that the vast majority of “christians” these days support the hell out of CPS. Our churches today are based mostly on Satanic principles. If you don’t believe me start going down the Communist manifesto and see how many planks the members of your church support. Nearly all of them in every church have ever set foot in. The government schools have done a great job of churning out morals lacking socialists.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

It has been well-documented and frequently reported here at Health Impact News that the United States Foster Care system is the nation’s #1 pipeline for child sex trafficking.

Attorney Michael Dolce from the law-firm Cohen Milstein, who speaks from experience from representing children abused in foster care, wrote an opinion piece published by Newsweek in 2018 stating that the nation’s foster care system is set up to sexually traffic children.

Dolce said:

Here’s the ugly truth: most Americans who are victims of sex trafficking come from our nation’s own foster care system. It’s a deeply broken system that leaves thousands vulnerable to pimps as children and grooms them for the illegal sex trade as young adults.

We have failed our children by not fixing the systemic failures that have allowed this to happen for decades….Read More