Criminals who criminalized it, now want it legal Why Cannabis is set to explode: TAX REVENUE!

“………These are just a few of the thousands of political hypocrites who now want to monetize marijuana after spending their careers demonizing it so they can tax the people and make laws that will, in most cases, enrich the special interests that enrich them.

Indeed, considering the mountains of regulations, costs and restrictions the political mafia will impose, the lucrative cannabis future will further enrich the big corporations at the cost of not only small entrepreneurs, but African-Americans that will be banned from the business because they were arrested on marijuana charges.


It is an outrage that the political mafia who criminalized cannabis has now declared themselves as the supreme rulers in charge of regulating it.

They have no Constitutional or moral authority to impose dictatorial powers on Nature’s plant.

Therefore, we propose The National Cannabis Freedom Act. This will be a simple referendum that will be put on all state ballots in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections with a simple yes or no vote:

• Yes, I want the Federal, State and Local Governments to make laws that regulate cannabis cultivation, products and personal use and they should tax them at any rate they choose.

• No, I do not want governments to have jurisdiction on cannabis, Mother Nature’s plant, and cannabis should be taxed the same as cucumbers, carrots, celery and other natural plants.

You are among the first to be notified of the launching of the National Cannabis Freedom Act. To assure this referendum appears on each state ballot will require the devoted energy of We the People. Any suggestions in helping launch and advance this initiative is both needed and appreciated. Contact us at TJ ……”

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FDA quietly bans powerful life-saving intravenous Vitamin C


(Natural News) It would be naive to think that the FDA endeavors to protect the public’s health as its primary focus. Indeed, that would be a conflict of interest, as it serves its master, the pharmaceutical industry. Has the Food and Drug Administration engineered a shortage of intravenous vitamin C as part of an overall attack on natural and non-toxic approaches to healing that compete with prescription drugs? An analysis by Natural Blaze would suggest that the answer is yes.

Natural Blaze claims that a critical shortage of IV bags in general followed an FDA ban on the mass production of intravenous vitamin C. The FDA limited the availability of IV-C and the pharmaceutical industry halted production of injectable vitamins and minerals, after a 60 minute story about the miraculous recovery of a swine flu patient on life support. Because of the shortage of IV-C, doctors called upon compounding pharmacies to produce it. But the FDA began to limit compounding pharmacies after injectable steroids produced by the New England Compounding Center were contaminated with a fungus that caused a deadly outbreak of meningitis. Here is an example of an entire industry being punished for the dubious practices of one compounding pharmacy….. Read More


We are in the middle of a communist takeover of our government. Rules for Radicals is the blueprint…

Will America Survive Her Date with Destiny? CSS-Bob Griswold-Hr 3

We are in the middle of a communist takeover of our government. Rules for Radicals is the blueprint. America is at her crossroads. Are we ready to respond. I recently interviewed Bob Griswold and he is asking the question of whether or not, America is ready for her date with destiny?  … Read More


U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Require Police to Render Emergency Aid After Ohio Police Shoot Military Veteran Multiple Times, Let Him Bleed to Death

MFP Commentary:
This is a crystal clear case of government supporting moral relativism.  A pillar of the church of Satan,  used to construct many of our societal institutions. (Banks, police departments, schools)

People seem to be blinded to the fact that our police departments are very much from top to bottom built upon this Satanic principle  of moral relativism and “Christians”  seem to be totally clueless as to what is going on.  To The point of mindlessly supporting this evil.


WASHINGTON, DC  — The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an effort to require police to render emergency aid to individuals they injure in the course of an arrest. In refusing to hear the case of Stevens-Rucker v. Frenz, in which Ohio police shot a military veteran multiple times and then—despite their first aid training—let him bleed to death, the Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that police satisfy their constitutional obligations to assist a person they injure in the course of an arrest simply by calling for an ambulance to transport the arrestee to a hospital. Attorneys with The Rutherford Institute had asked the Court to hear the case, arguing that if prisoners have a constitutional right to medical care under the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishments, then police should be held to a comparable standard in their treatment of arrestees who require urgent medical attention….. Read More

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Neither Rain, Sleet, nor Snow Will Stop the Post Office From Spying on You

MFP Commentary:
Does the government ever do anything that is not a crime?
You have to wonder. They sure are not protecting our rights.

** FWIW I had a postal worker here in Seymour argue that this was not happening. So much for informed workers in this illegitimate government monopoly.

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Neither Rain, Sleet, nor Snow Will Stop the Post Office From Spying on You

It’s called the “Mail Cover Program” and it’s run by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Yes, even the Post Office is spying on us, writes John Kiriakou.

By John Kiriakou
Special to Consortium News

You may remember that last year some nut was arrested for mailing bombs to prominent Democrats, media outlets, and opponents of Donald Trump. Less than a week after the bombs went out, a suspect was arrested. Almost immediately, video turned up of him at a Trump rally, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and chanting for the camera. He was soon tried, convicted, and jailed. End of story.

But it wasn’t the end of the story. The investigation into the bomb incidents focused attention on an almost unknown federal surveillance program—one that poses a direct threat to the privacy and constitutional rights of every American. It’s called the “Mail Cover Program” and it’s run by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Yes, even the Post Office is spying on us.

The Mail Cover Program allows postal employees to photograph and send to federal law enforcement organizations (FBI, DHS, Secret Service, etc.) the front and back of every piece of mail the Post Office processes. It also retains the information digitally and provides it to any government agency that wants it—without a warrant….. Read More

Bolivar Missouri: Video Shows Police Raid On Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room For Medical Marijuana

MFP Commentary:
This is how the criminals in MO have “legalized”. The entire MO legislature and the cops involved should be in jail over this. (Police it seems are selected for low intelligence and willingness to follow criminal orders.)

Keep on believing their lies about “legalization” Most Americans would not know a God given right if it hit them square in the face.  Why are all of our rights being turned into permissions?  (hint: look at the government school brainwashing)
FWIW I have a friend,  a doctor BTW, who died last year of cancer, in part because the psychopaths in Jeff city think that they are God and that our rights come from them.** It is illustrative to read the comments on Zero Hedge.
Most of the commenters would gladly put these criminals in blue in a cell and then throw away the key.

According to a local Fox affiliate Sousley had actually been “in the middle of a chemotherapy treatment at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar” before local officers raided the room, apparently with the cooperation of unnamed hospital staff.

Though it’s unclear exactly what the hospital thought was happening in the room, according to Newsweek, “The officer said that the department had received a call from someone who said they smelled weed coming from Sousley’s room.” Officers ultimately found no marijuana or any illegal substance during the search, but did reportedly find CBD Oil (Cannabidiol oil), which is legal.

“If we find marijuana we’ll give you a citation,” an officer threatened as another family member tried to plead with police, saying Sousley’s extreme pain means that doctors allow him a variety of medications. Sousley denied smoking marijuana or ingesting ground-up plants, but acknowledged he uses THC containing capsules for pain management…. Read More

Unconstitutional US Grand Jury System

Unconstitutional US Grand Jury System

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Remanding Chelsea Manning into federal custody for contempt on Friday, jailing her for invoking her constitutional rights, refusing to answer prosecutorial and grand juror questions, is one of countless examples of grand jury abuses of power – symptomatic of police state rule, how things work in the US.

Manning was constitutionally justified saying: “I will not comply with this, or any grand jury. Imprisoning me for my refusal to answer questions only subjects me to additional punishment for my repeatedly-stated ethical objections to the grand jury system,” adding:

“The grand jury’s questions pertained to disclosures from nine years ago, and took place six years after an in-depth computer forensics case in which I testified for almost a full day about these events. I stand by my previous public testimony.”

“I will not participate in a secret process that I morally (and legally) object to, particularly one that has been historically used to entrap and persecute activists for protected political speech.”

“…I resent being forced to endanger myself by participating in this predatory practice.” In response to each question asked, she said:

“I object to the question and refuse to answer on the grounds that the question is in violation of my First, Fourth, and Sixth Amendment, and other statutory rights.”

Her response was and remains constitutionally protected. That’s not good enough in America, the rule of law long ago abandoned. Congressionally and judicially supported executive diktat power replaced it…. Read More



Can U.S. Soldiers Be Heroes?

By Laurence M. Vance
March 5, 2019

Do we call a member of the Mafia or other criminal gang a hero if he gives his life in the course of saving his fellow gang members from an attack by rival gang members? No, we call him a dupe, a fool, or an idiot.

I was reminded of this truth when I received an e-mail promotion from Outback Steakhouse on Sunday, February 17. Why was the e-mail sent on the 17th? Because Presidents’ Day was the next day: Monday, February 18. Here is the text of what I received:




We are partnering with Operation Homefront to help make life a little easier for our military, veterans and families in their communities. We are honoring all HEROES February 18-21 with 20% off.* (with valid state or federal ID).

The * refers to the fine print at the bottom of the e-mail stating that the offer is valid from February 18-21, and is open to servicemen and women, police officers and firefighters, with corresponding state or federal service ID, plus Military Personnel and their immediate family members who have a proper form of identification.

I have pointed out many times over the years how that the holidays of Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day should just be called Military Appreciation Day 1, Military Appreciation Day 2, and Military Appreciation Day 3.

Now it seems as though every holiday has been turned into a military appreciation day.

But it gets worse. When you look at the Outback Steakhouse website, you will see a box containing text that reads: “Serving Those Who Serve.” Clicking inside the boxbrings you to a page that reads:

Help Us Serve Those Who Serve

At Outback Steakhouse, we are partnering with Operation Homefront to help make life a little easier for our military, veterans and families in their communities.

On this page you can read about the “Heroes Discount.” Outback Steakhouse celebrates “all servicemen and women, police officers, firefighters, and all first responders with 10% off* their entire check all day, every day (with valid state or federal service ID).”

Once again, the * refers to the fine print at the bottom of the page stating that the offer is valid through March 26, and is open to servicemen and women, police officers and firefighters, with corresponding state or federal service ID, plus Military Personnel and their immediate family members who have a proper form of identification.

The Outback Steakhouse e-mail and website that call military personnel heroes raises two important questions that I don’t hear anyone asking.

First of all, why is it that all U.S. soldiers (and police, firemen, and first responders) are heroes? It doesn’t matter where soldiers go, why they go, how long they stay, whether they should go, or what they do when they are there—the soldiers are all heroes. It doesn’t matter how many widows and orphans soldiers make, how many bombs they drop, how many civilians they kill, how much infrastructure they destroy, how many bullets they fire, how many missiles they launch, or how many of “the enemy” they injure, maim, or kill—the soldiers are all heroes.

What is so heroic about just joining the military? What is so heroic about wearing a military uniform? What is so heroic about getting up in the morning when you are told to? What is so heroic about making widows and orphans? What is so heroic about fighting “over there” when there was no chance that you would have to fight “over here”? What is so heroic about dropping bombs from 40,000 feet? What is so heroic about dying for a mistake?

Second, and most importantly: Can U.S. soldiers be heroes? If soldiers go where they have no business going, engage in offensive military actions, fight unnecessary foreign wars, bomb, maim, and kill for the U.S. government, fight unjust wars, obey immoral orders, make war against people that were no threat to Americans, and then die for their country or lay down their life for one of their fellow soldiers—how could they possibly be considered heroes? Some other words do come to mind: mercenaries, pawns, dupes, myrmidons, killers, murderers, destroyers, invaders, occupiers.

U.S. soldiers are not all heroes. U.S. soldiers are not heroes at all.

Enjoy your meal at Outback Steakhouse. I always do. If you are in the military or are a veteran, get your heroes discount. Just don’t think for a minute that anyone is a hero because he is, or was, in the U.S. military…. Original  Story

Dane Wigington – We Face Abrupt Climate Collapse

Dane Wigington – We Face Abrupt Climate Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s 

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says this year’s unusually cold winter in the United States was “manufactured” by geoengineering. Wigington explains, “Where you see the most anomalously cool place on the entire planet is the Eastern half of the North American continent. If we look at the departure for normal temperatures for the surface level going back nearly a decade, the most anomalously less warm place consistently for that span of time is the Eastern half of the North American continent. That is not nature. That is the country with the military that’s bigger than the next 10 militaries combined using its massive military resources and climate engineering operations to consistently cool down the most populated portions of the U.S. to continue fueling division and confusion in regard to the true state of the climate. . . . Here’s the bottom line. It’s not about our opinion at or our theories or conjecture. It’s about hard data and frontline facts. That’s all we are asking people to look at.”

Wigington says things like the “Green New Deal” is a distraction that keeps people divided. Wigington says, “I would argue anybody on any side of the political equation that the orchestrated political theater that the power structure uses to divide the population to keep their eye off the horizon is a mistake. We need to get past any form of political division. Number two, there can be no legitimate discussion about the environment or the state of the climate without, first and foremost, discussing climate engineering. There can be no legitimate discussion about climate engineering without the winter scenarios it is creating. . . . Mathematically speaking, if we remain on the current course of business as usual, we will all be gone in a decade or less—all of us. This is a statistical mathematical fact. . . . We don’t face global warming. We face abrupt climate collapse.”… Read More