Miracle Alkaloid Ibogaine Stops Heroin, Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction In A Single Dose Eliminating Withdrawal


MFP Commentary:
The state is using it’s illegitimate medical monopoly to enrich big pharma while destroying the lives if not killing   tens of thousands of people.   This is what your local christian “church” and  “christians”  seem to support.  I  find it abhorrent and in direct opposition to the greatest commandment. This is the antithesis of a nation where we claim to have God given rights.


Ibogaine is a natural hallucinogen that has been shown to immediately stop all drug cravings for heroin and other barbiturates as well as alcohol cravings in alcoholics. It improves an addict’s chances of staying clean for life. Research began in the early 60s into Ibogaine’s potential use as a rehabilitation therapy for addicts but was abandoned after fears were raised over the safety of the drug. The FDA banned Ibogaine in 1967 due to its hallucinogenic properties. In 1995, researchers at the University of Miami managed to get permission from the FDA to study Ibogaine’s effects on addicts but the funding eventually fell through. Big Pharma, and specifically the manufacturers of Methadone are thought to have had a hand in ensuring Ibogaine remains illegal so as to ensure their drug remains the number one treatment for heroin addiction….. Read More