It’s official, the FBI is now the enforcer/terrorist arm of the deep state, and they have begun arresting journalists

MFP Commentary:
It’s official, the FBI is the enforcer/terrorist arm of the deep state…. they  are now arresting journalists that are  exposing deep state corruption and treason.  This should make your hair stand on end. Your free speech is being trampled  out in the open, and most of you will sit silently  and do nothing.

When are we going to call for the abolition of the FBI? I see no constitutional authority for it’s existence at all.
Trump seems to be lost in space somewhere,  and is not,  that I can see, addressing the treason and usurpation of this country by the deep state. If he does not act he in my estimation,  will be removed from office and we will have a civil war.

This is happening  in large part because “Modern Christians”   have absolutely refused to address evil in this world as scripture and history both mandate.  We are about to go over the proverbial cliff, and still most  so called “Christians”  will not grow a spine nor a pair of testicles, and deal with the evil that they have created by their complete and utter silence.    I do not have to wonder at how Noah felt as he built the ark and prepared….I am living it. Fellow “Christians” are useless in this battle. It’s a lonely  and frustrating time to be a watchman on the wall.

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Please take the time to read what the animals on a  “FBI hit  team” did to an American citizen.  Read this on an empty stomach. The Uncensored  Gordon Kahl Story
( I have a lot of back info on this story, and it’s verification.  Post in the comments below  if you would like to learn more about this incident.)

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“It’s official, the FBI is now the enforcer/terrorist arm of the deep state, and they have begun arresting journalists”  ~MFP

Breaking News: Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI Friday morning on seven counts, including one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering.

Harrison Smith will be covering the arrest with live analysis and special guests such as Roger Stone associate Jacob Engels.

CNN filmed the arrest and many have been questioning whether or not they were tipped off.

Political commentator and former CNN anchor Greta Van Susteren suggested the FBI informed CNN the raid would be taking place and questioned the motive….Read More

  • Benny Oaks

    I’m with you. I work wit 2 other so called Christian men. BOTH changed the subject when I asked them what they thought about how Stones arrest was handled. It makes me sick. I have already stopped going to my church because the people there refuse to address so called controversial subjects. I am ashamed of the body of the church in America in this day and age. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like the Lord has called me to address these things, and I will. Homosexuals, trans people, so called people of color are now propped up. While the murder of babies is writen into law. It must stop. God help us all. God help the people that come and try and force me to accept the madness they are pushing.

    • Joe Tittiger

      For 10 years I have pondered what was wrong with the “church” Benny Oaks. After coming to some solid conclusions, I was considering writing a book, when as often is the case, God dropped something in my lap. This time, the book that expressed my conclusions had already been written in 1984 by Red Beckman! I can not urge you strongly enough to get this book and pass it on. FWIW I am trying to get the Beckman family (Red just passed) to release an electronic version so that we may distribute it to local churches.