The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it?

MFP Commentary:
It is a well documented fact that through the use of lies and oviscation, that governments  are using the health care monopoly to collect DNA samples of all children born  into first world countries.
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Newsweek:  BY  

Thinner than average, with serious, shadowed eyes, Kevin Anderson, 36, has worked as a filmmaker for over 10 years. He’s traveled throughout Europe and the Americas producing web and sports videos, news packages and documentary shorts. In his infancy, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, phenylketonuria (commonly referred to as PKU), where the body cannot properly break down protein. Throughout his life, he has taken medicine and followed a special low-protein diet, but other than these restrictions he enjoys a healthy life.

Recently, though, he “stumbled across this video that showed people with undiagnosed PKU.” While he had often heard stories about what would happen if he had never treated his condition, “I’d never seen pictures of it, I’d never encountered it myself, so it just wasn’t quite real to me,” he says. “And when I watched that video.… ” He trails off, choking up, pausing until the heartbreak passes. “It just captured me. I had the sudden realization I would have become mentally retarded; I would have been in an institution if it hadn’t been for newborn screening.”

Every year, approximately 4 million newborns in the U.S. are screened for congenital disorders, and about 12,500 of these infants are diagnosed with an inherited condition. Many of these disorders (like PKU) can be effectively treated when caught early, allowing an infant to grow and develop normally. By every account, newborn screening is one of modernity’s biggest medical success stories—yet most of us are not familiar with this compelling tale or even know that we most likely have been screened…..Read More