Whistleblowing Priests Killed to Prevent Exposing Pedophilia Problem in the Catholic Church?

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In the years we have covered the topic of “medical kidnapping” and child abductions through child social services, we have exposed the corruption behind these “legal” kidnappings, and the reasons why they happen.

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One of the reasons, tragically, that children are kidnapped and taken from their families is for child sex trafficking, which some have reported brings in more money than the illegal drugs and illegal gun trade, combined.

Sadly, religious institutions, many of which have their own child social services, can be among the worst offenders when it comes to trafficking and kidnapping children.

Health Impact News investigative reporter John Thomas takes an in-depth look into the child sex scandals of the Roman Catholic Church in this article, the second one of a multi-part series on this topic.

Whistle Blowing Clergy in the Roman Catholic Church Risk Their Careers and Their Lives to Reveal the Truth About Child Sexual Abuse

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

The code of silence in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) that has protected pedophile priests for decades is being breeched by a few courageous whistleblowing Catholic clergy. These brave men have become willing to speak the truth at great risk to their careers and even to their very lives.

In the previous article about sexual molestation of children by Roman Catholic priests, we saw patterns of abuse that span more than 70 years. More than 4 billion dollars in damages was paid to victims in the United States, yet the problem remained. During those years, few priests were criminally charged and convicted for their crimes. 

Most offending priests were just counseled by members of the RCC hierarchy and told to pray more about their “inappropriate” behavior. Sometimes they were sent for mental health treatment before reassignment to another parish.

Priests were systematically shifted from parish to parish and state to state to cover-up their crimes. This practice did not stop the acts of pedophilia – it only led to the sexual assault of more children. …Read More