Mom Brought 10-Month-Old to the Hospital for a Cough—And Cops Kidnapped Him

MFP Commentary:

Ordinary “Criminals”  are not the real threat to our lives and liberty. We can shoot them if they decide to violate our rights. It’s the criminal thugs in blue that are the real threats, and the real criminals. We need a legal system (jury nullification?) that will protect our inalienable right to use lethal force against anyone, including the thugs in blue, that would kidnap our children with zero real due process like the thugs in blue do.

This also seems like a clear case of a violation of USC title 18 sections 241 & 242. “Conspiracy to violate rights under color of law.” Look it up… It’s a sad commentary that the thugs in blue can kidnap hundreds of thousands of children, many of which are being procured for deep state sexual trafficking, and people like me that see that it is morally justifiable to use lethal force to stop them, are considered “extreme” by many.   I see the people that sit idly by and allow this to happen as “extreme”.  Extremely evil that is.


St. Paul, MN — What began as a routine trip to the doctor for her child’s cough culminated in Amanda Weber having her ten-month-old son Zayvion being taken out of her home and put into foster care. This pattern of government kidnapping children has become such an issue in Minnesota that hundreds of parents have formed a group to fight it.

Weber’s ordeal began after she took her child to the hospital for a cough.

While the doctor diagnosed the infant with a cough, and deemed him to be in stable condition, he recommended that Zayvion stay. Instead, Weber decided to take her child home after inquiring if there was anything else that needed to be done or tests run.

“After waiting, I had asked to leave because I wanted to put my kids to bed and I had my three-year-old with me and I asked if there was anything else that had to be done,” said Weber. “They said ‘No, there was no other testing or anything that needed to be done.’”

In only a matter of days police were knocking on her door and took the child to the doctor – where Weber says there were already foster parents waiting in the room…… Read More

Mom Brought 10-Month-Old to the Hospital for a Cough—And Cops Kidnapped Him