Arizona Judge: Child Removed from Home Illegally – Only Reason Was Child Was “Adoptable”

I think that any sane observer has to agree that the “state”, child protective service in particular with the aide of useful idiots in blue costumes, has become a purely criminal enterprise, that does not serve to protect our rights, but rather to violate them for it’s own nefarious purposes.
Author Gary Allen explained it 40 years ago:

Commentary by:
Terri LaPoint, Assistant Editor
Brian Shilhavy, Editor
Health Impact News

One of the dirty little secrets of Child Protective Services is that children are sometimes taken from their homes, and their parents’ rights ended, simply because the children are “adoptable.”

Now, in a stunning reversal of a termination of parental rights decision, a Court of Appeals has concluded that the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) took children from their mother primarily because her children were considered adoptable.

This admission is now part of the court record.

This confirms what many parents and social worker insiders have told Health Impact News – that one of the reasons that children are taken even from good, loving homes is because of their adoptability, not just in Arizona, but in every state.

Devani was taken from her mother by Arizona DCS for false allegations, then placed into a foster home that was a pornographic pedophile ring. With her blond hair and blue eyes, she was very adoptable. Story: click the above picture

There is a great deal of federal funding in adopting out children to strangers; thus, children have literally become a commodity to be seized and sold……

Arizona Judge: Child Removed from Home Illegally – Only Reason Was Child Was “Adoptable”


  • MFP

    If you need an example of why the founders knew that a time would come when the people needed to be armed against government tyranny, this is clearly it. When the criminal psychopaths in our legislatures, and the police start kidnapping our children with zero due process, then perhaps it is time to heed Thomas Jefferson’s immortal words:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson