North Dakota Hemp Growers Bitten By Drought and Market Controls

I take issue with the “Anti-Trust” laws. They are illegitimate, as they do not address the  malfeasance.  The government does   not want to shine light on the fact that it is the government themselves that are  catering to special interests, and thus tilting the level playing field of the free  market to favor some and harm others.   The only other explanation other than a tilted playing field is that a company excels, and attracts it’s high market share legitimately  

There is a 3rd possibility… that is the company is breaking a legitimate law  to get a high level of market share. If this is so then just prosecute them. End of story. Why the hell do you need these nebulous rights trampling antitrust laws?  Unless justice is not your real goal.

Either way the anti-trust laws either trample the rights of a company  that has succeeded legitimately. Or they trample a company for taking advantage of laws that congress has written.    Neither case looks like justice. It looks more like government distracting us from what they mainly do:  They criminally create ways for special interests to  have an advantage  over the competition.
Then they call it anti-trust and blame any corporation that is very successful regardless of the reason why.

The only criminals that I see in the picture are congress critters.  Not corporations.


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If you will go and read the entire article on the site, you will have a pretty thorough idea of why the regulatory processes kill entrepreneurs and small business in general. It goes well beyond the issue of cannabis and carries over to nearly every endeavor known to man.

Here’s the thing, the ONLY legitimate function of government is to protect your rights. This does indeed include when another person or entity is impeding your rights. You have the right to profit from your labor. Otherwise, there is no reason to engage in labor. There are legitimate laws that have been passed and are never enforced against monopolies and too heavy of consolidation in sectors of the economy. The consolidation laws are anti-trust/anti-competition laws. Those are not enforced….Grr.

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North Dakota Hemp Growers Bitten By Drought and Market Controls