This is what happens when you don’t form  militias as the Constitution demands, but  instead form the very   standing armies that the founders warned about .  ~MFP


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This is what happens when you don’t form  militias as the Constitution demands, but  instead form the very   standing armies that the founders warned about .  ~MFP


FWIW  this  Civil war is what China has orchestrated to weaken us enough so that they can invade.  ~MFP


DOJ Lawyer: US Can Assassinate Its Own Citizens Without Judicial Review If The State Says Secrets Are Involved – SkywatchTV

The above is something that the CIA has been doing for a long time under the cover  of domestic  “anti terrorism”.   Effective Jan 5th the DOD has cut the CIA off from their SF operators that were in effect  murdering American citizens.  I am sure it continues at some level.  ~MFP

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9-Month-Old Baby Taken from Parents on Routine Traffic Stop in North Carolina – Medical Kidnap

MFP Commentary:
The citizens of this nation were not supposed to be lorded over by a standing army in blue.  A  standing army that will enforce thousands of  clearly unconstitutional and evil  laws written by George Soros’s personal legislature: the US Congress. (FWIW over 200 US congressmen are on the Communist Chinese payroll and you will be made aware of this soon. 12 )

As was  the case when I was “raped and tortured ”   by the Seymour MO  city police,  the N.C.  cops in this case  purposely turned  their  body cams off.

These NC  “cops” deserve life in jail, or even the death penalty.  It is a shame that this man could not have  shot and killed his assailants, especially in light of them kidnapping his child!  I know from personal experience that  police assaults like this produce lifelong psychological damage and you average person has zero options to pursue justice.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~JFK

Standing armies do not protect us from domestic enemies like the police have become.  I can not think of a bigger enemy of freedom than the modern low IQ cop that will enforce ANY law — just like the guards at Auschwitz did.

We were told to maintain the militia if we wanted to remain free.


Mark Passio – The True Meaning And Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

New Jersey couple Raymond Sykes and Kaila Boulware were traveling back to their home in New Jersey with their 9-month-old son after visiting Kaila’s father in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Also in the vehicle were their two dogs, MANUELA and Rayla. Rayla is the 9-month-old baby’s puppy.

On the night of December 3rd, 2020, while driving through Troy, North Carolina at around 3 a.m., the family was stopped by two sheriff deputies.

Reports from the sheriff department state they were pulled over because they were driving with “a white tail light” and it was “being driven in a manner, place and time that was suspicious.”

When one of the officers stated that they were going to search the van, Raymond allegedly asked them “why?”, raising concerns about the legality of searching their vehicle without a warrant.

That’s when the situation took a bad turn, according to media reports. Rebecca Panico, writing for NJ Advance Media on NJ.com reports:

Sheriff’s deputies from Montgomery County, N.C., drew their guns, violently beat Sykes with a baton in the baby’s presence and searched their vehicle for two hours.

The couple told NJ Advance Media they nervously complied with officers’ orders prior to the traffic stop escalating.

“Yahweh, please protect me,” Sykes said he shouted, hands in a prayer formation in the air as he walked toward the hood of the deputy’s car. “Don’t let these people hurt me.”

At the end of the two hour search of their vehicle, both parents were arrested and locked up, the baby was turned over to Child Protective Services and placed in Foster car, the two dogs were taken to an animal control center where the older one ended up dying, and the car was towed away.

No Body Cam – Two Different Versions of What Happened

The officers’ version of the story claims that they searched the vehicle because they smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the van, and that when they tried to remove Raymond from the vehicle, he punched the officer which led to his arrest. They also reported that:

“Neither Sykes nor Boulware were injured during their arrest and they did not request medical attention.”

The parents’ version, however, states a different story, and since there was no body or dash cam recording the incident, it is basically the officers’ word against the parents…Read More

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Attack of the Tomato Killers: The Police State’s War on Weed and Backyard Gardens – John Whitehead’s Commentary – The Rutherford Institute

August 25, 2020

“They came again this morning at about 8:00 o’clock. A large cargo-type helicopter flew low over the cabin, shaking it on its very foundations. It shook all of us inside, too. I feel frightened … I see how helpless and tormented I am becoming with disgust and disillusionment with the government which has turned this beautiful country into a police state … I feel like I am in the middle of a war zone.”—Journal entry from a California resident describing the government’s aerial searches for marijuana plants

Backyard gardeners, beware: tomato plants have become collateral damage in the government’s war on drugs, especially marijuana.

In fact, merely growing a vegetable garden on your own property, or in a greenhouse on your property, or shopping at a gardening store for gardening supplies—incredibly enough—could set you up for a drug raid sanctioned by the courts.

It’s happened before.

After shopping for hydroponic tomatoes at their local gardening store, a Kansas family found themselves subjected to a SWAT team raid as part of a multi-state, annual campaign dubbed “Operation Constant Gardener,” in which police collected the license plates of hundreds of customers at the gardening store and then investigated them for possible marijuana possession.

By “investigated,” I mean that police searched through the family’s trash. (You can thank the Supreme Court and their 1978 ruling in California v. Greenwood for allowing police to invade your trash can.) Finding “wet glob vegetation” in the garbage, the cops somehow managed to convince themselves—and a judge—that it was marijuana.

In fact, it was loose-leaf tea, but those pesky details don’t usually bother the cops when they’re conducting field tests.

Indeed, field tests routinely read positive for illegal drugs even when no drugs are present. According to investigative journalist Radley Balko, “it’s almost as if these tests come up positive whenever the police need them to. A partial list of substances that the tests have mistaken for illegal drugs would include sage, chocolate chip cookies, motor oil, spearmint, soap, tortilla dough, deodorant, billiard’s chalk, patchouli, flour, eucalyptus, breath mints, Jolly Ranchers and vitamins.”

There’s a long list of innocent ingredients that could be mistaken for drugs and get you subjected to a raid, because that’s all it takes—just the barest whiff of a suspicion by police that you might be engaged in criminal activity—to start the ball rolling.

From there, these so-called “investigations” follow the usual script: judge issues a warrant for a SWAT raid based on botched data, cops raid the home and terrorize the family at gunpoint, cops find no drugs, family sues over a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights, and then the courts protect the cops and their botched raid on the basis of qualified immunity.

It happens all the time…..Read More

Vigilantes with a Badge: Warrior Cops Endanger Our Lives and Freedoms:

Fusion Centers: National Spying Operation On Citizens – Technocracy News

The national network of local Fusion Centers was created as a data gathering network to normalize state and local data to Federal databases. Instead of fighting terrorism, they have become a spy network on ordinary citizens. ⁃ TN Editor

What has the public learned about Fusion Centers since the recent BlueLeaks hack was released over a month ago? Not a lot.

The Feds have done a great job of keeping the public from finding out what DHS Fusion/Intelligence Centers are really doing. In a country founded on freedom, we find federal and local law enforcement scrambling to keep the true function of Fusion Centers hidden from the public.

By piecing together articles from Maine and Texas newspapers, a disturbing picture begins to unfold of warrantless surveillance of Americans.

The first proof that Fusion Centers were being used to spy on everyday citizens and activists can be found in a Maine Press Herald article from mid-July.

“A cache of internal police documents stolen from a secretive Maine State Police intelligence unit has provided the first substantial glimpse into how it collects and shares information about crime suspects and political activists and, in rare cases, keep tabs on domestic extremists, gang members and anti-government groups.”

The article goes into greater detail describing how local police use Fusion Centers to track down low-level offenders and ID people from social media or video footage.

“Police agencies commonly contact the Maine center with requests for help identifying a person depicted in a photo, sometimes captured from a surveillance camera. Other pictures are taken directly by law enforcement, or appear to be pulled from Facebook or other social media sites.”

Maine police even went so far as to ask the Fusion Center to identify a passenger in a car who refused to identify himself, and did not consent to having his photograph taken or his fingerprints scanned…Read More

MFP Commentary:
Jesse Venture had a mainstream TV show, I don’t recall the name of it. one of the episodes that was “1984’ed” was focused on the Net Fusion Centers.  I have a copy on my hard drive I should see if Brighteon  will host it so that you can watch it. It was so informative that they deleted it Internet wide and even on peoples personal DVR’s!   In Missouri the infamous MIAC report had a lot to do  with the Fusion Center here in  MO.  Pastor Chuck Baldwin is worth listening to:
(1) By Chuck Baldwin
March 24, 2009

I lucked out and found  Jesse Ventura’s show! You can watch it HERE.

Let me quote a bit of the article I linked to.

By Chuck Baldwin
March 24, 2009

By now, readers should be familiar with the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) (1) report dated 02/20/09 and titled, “MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement.” In this dreadfully malicious and slanderous “law enforcement sensitive” secret police report, Governor Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon; John Britt, Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety; James Keathley, Colonel, Missouri State Highway Patrol; and Van Godsey, Director of MIAC categorize certain citizens as being potential violence-prone “militia members.” I would venture to guess that more than 75% of the entire population of the United States would fit the MIAC’s broad definition of someone who would fall into the aforementioned category.


According to the MIAC report, if you oppose any of the following, you could qualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous “militia member”:

The United Nations
The New World Order
Gun Control
The violation of Posse Comitatus
The Federal Reserve
The Income Tax
The Ammunition and Accountability Act
A possible Constitutional Convention
The North American Union
Universal Service Program
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Illegal Immigration

Again, I would bet that at least 75% of the American people would oppose at least one or more items on the above list. Well, according to the MIAC report, that is sufficient to make them potential dangerous “militia members.”……..Read More


First of all you should know that the US Constitution DEMANDS that we have a militia to remain free!  (This is a good source to learn  what the 2nd amendment means.)   The Fusion centers  tell the idiots in law enforcement that swore to uphold the Constitution BTW, that the very people that are actually following the Constitution are their mortal enemy!!!…. as much of  law enforcement are the  real enemies of the Constitution and our rights   specifically in the area of the United Nations war on guns and the war on drugs.