BREAKING: Videos Reportedly Show DC Police Shoot Unarmed, Peaceful Female Trump Supporter In Neck – National File

This woman it seems was murdered in cold blood by a member of a standing army known as “the police”.

Exclusive Video: Unarmed Woman Carrying Trump Flag Executed In US Capitol Building – Infowars


Videos from inside the Capitol Building reportedly show the shooting of an unarmed, peaceful, female Trump supporter by DC Police.

National File reported that shots were fired inside the Senate building, after thousands of patriots, described as “revolutionaries,” broke through DC Police lines and got into the Capitol Building itself…..Read More

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Exclusive Video: Unarmed Woman Carrying Trump Flag Executed In US Capitol Building – Infowars

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Mark and Terri Stemann and Mary Flynn O’Neal join the program to discuss Child Protective Services and how it is purposely set up to destroy America and feed an evil child trafficking network. As unbelievable as it is, continued reports across the country back up these claims and form a story that is so incredible, the only option we have is to destroy the system and heal the trauma it has caused.

You can learn more about Mark and Terry Stemann’s situation and support their fight at the following:


Part 1  – Audio only at Sarah Westall site

Evil Behind the Coup: Scripted Pattern to Steal Children & Break America (2of2)

BitChute hosted part 2 of 2


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To watch this you need a membership at Dave Hodges TV,  You can get a month for about $3 or $4 and is very much worth it.   There are 3 parts to this interview   ~MFP

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His content on his web site and on YouTube is free.

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PREPARE FOR WAR: After Jan. 6th, expect all hell to break loose across America – Mike Adams – Natural News


(Natural News) For the past month or so, I’ve been posting daily Situation Update reports based on deep research and insider sources who help keep me informed. You can listen to all these Situation Update podcasts at this link on

In this article, I’m going to summarize where things stand right now in terms of the election, civil war, the Insurrection Act, war with China and other topics.

The short summary is that if this election situation is not resolved on January 6th, all hell is going to break loose across America. The obvious, overwhelming election theft by enemies of America will simply not be tolerated by patriots. It’s already apparent that literally millions of Americans are on the verge of activating their Second Amendment duty to defeat tyranny and save the republic, even if it means possibly dying in the process.

Meanwhile, President Trump is surrounded by piece-of-filth treasonous backstabbers like White House General Counsel Pat Cipollone, who according to Patrick Byrne has done everything in his power to push Trump to concede (while stonewalling every pathway to victory).

As we have laid out here through multiple articles and podcasts, President Trump has all the assets and authority to do what is necessary to save the republic and achieve victory on January 6th. For example, Trump has the “declassification” option, the Fourteenth Amendment option, the Insurrection Act option, the cyber warfare declaration option, and so on. (See the full list here.)

Yet he is surrounded by people who sabotage his every move and are actively committing treason against the United States government by trying to overthrow the White House from within. (Mark Meadows, Cipollone, etc.)…Read More

Video on this topic. Choose December 25th