One of the most horrific crimes that you have never heard of:

Committed by an FBI hit team. They cut the hands and feet off of Gordon Kahl with fire axes,  while he was alive,  murdered a deputy sheriff,  and covered it all up. (Shades of Ruby Ridge? and here)  This is how  Federal Law enforcement works folks and you had better wake up!        FWIW I know this story to be 100% accurate.   Acquaintance, Phoenix officer Jack Mclamb took vacation time to personally investigate whether this happened or not and his findings were conclusive that it did.    This is how the state responds to free speech when one is specking the truth. I know a Seymour “police officer”  treated me like a Jew at Auschwitz  for my free speech a few weeks back, and that is the main reason that the MFP exists.   He was the straw that broke the camels back…    ~MFP

Well it’s tax time people…and for those of you who don’t remember… or never heard the story…I thought I might send this along for you to see just how enslaved we are…and what might happen if you fail to pay homage to your master, the federal government.PeteTHE UNCENSORED GORDON KAHL STORYIn 1968, Tax Protestor Gordon Kahl stopped filing IRS 1040 Income Tax Returns. For 9 years thereafter, the IRS ignored him, but in 1977 after Gordon Kahl spoke on an evening radio talk show regarding the illicitness of the income tax, some 250 phone calls would come into the radio station over the next two days; either supporting Kahl in some aspect, or pledging never to file another tax return………… Read More



The Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story


Just in case you are confused about the income tax. You most certainly do not owe it. However that will not stop the criminals in government from prosecuting you for a non-crime.  Do your research and read this book by Dave Champion.

Federal Set-Up The Conspiracy to Entrap Schaeffer Cox


Schaeffer Cox
Several months ago the US~Observer reported on the Schaeffer Cox case. In that article, which can be read here, we outlined how the government became interested in Cox simply because he spoke out against what he believed to be a corrupt US Government. You’d think the 1st Amendment which protects your right to free speech; to speak horribly of the government if you so choose, would have protected Cox, and you’re right it should have…… Read More


*** The suppression of free speech is what motivated me to launch this paper. I was treated like a Jew at Auschwitz by a Seymour MO cop for my free speech.
I would learn more about Shaeffer Cox.  The Feds frame people on a regular basis. That is if the don’t murder them first. Murder was the plan for Schaefer  by the FBI.    Here:

is  more information on  the Schaeffer Cox frame up  Here is a link to a  phenomenal talk made by Sheaffer:  .

Schaeffer Cox – The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

   You should give it a listen. It may wake you up. ~MFP

1 Marine vs. 30 Cops: Sgt. Shamar Thomas (By. J. handy)

Sgt. Shamar Thomas USMC Veteran: “I took an Oath that I live by. I am NOT anti-NYPD. I am anti- Police Brutality. I am no longer under contract with the USMC so I do NOT have to follow military uniform regulations. I DON’T affiliate myself with ANY POLITICAL ORG. I affiliate myself with the AMERICAN PEOPLE that’s it. I REFUSE to affiliate with anything that SEPARATES.

There is an obvious problem in the country and PEACEFUL PEOPLE should be allowed to PROTEST without Brutality. I was involved in a RIOT in Rutbah, Iraq 2004 and we did NOT treat the Iraqi citizens like they are treating the unarmed civilians in our OWN Country. No one was brutalized because our mission was to “WIN the hearts and minds”, why should I expect anything less in my OWN Country. I DO NOT SUPPORT WAR. If you don’t like this video or my beard. Then SUPPORT A WOUNDED WARRIOR!…And a desert marpat blouse is not a uniform”

‘This is not a warzone!’: The moment a marine called Thor confronted NYPD during Times Square occupation



Gary Franci uncovers another way to get around the criminal Federal drug laws, that have done much to destroy liberty and health care in this country. Just like the globalists that wrote them intended.   Do your homework, our drug schedules were written for the entire west by the globalist United Nations. Then  10 years later later president Richard Nixon started Federal enforcement of them.  In total violation of the US Constitution, the highest law of the land.  ~MFP

This is the company mentioned in the above interview:

Welcome to the CannaSense Total Wellness Collective.
Our commitment to your total wellness is also a pledge to help others!

Alabama Police Work One Month To Bust A Guy Named Yahweh With One Pound Of Pot

It’s a testament to the evils of blindly following orders, that the retards in blue will trample the rights of any of the slaves on the plantation that dare to assert the sovereignty that the Declaration of Independence asserts that we have. Do you own your body or do the thugs in blue own your body?  ~MFP

When CPS Knocks At Your Door by Dave Hodges

When CPS knocks at your door, videotape everything! When CPS knocks at your door, call all of your friends and family to come witness.
CPS is becoming a term which is synonymous child-sex-trafficking, abduction and organized criminal activity. Former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, was exposing much of this when she was “suicided”.
The CPS game is the dirtiest game in town. The organization represents the war on families being perpetrated by the globalist desire to attack our culture through the destruction of our families.

Many of the details of this rogue organization, which terrorizes thousands of families in all 50 states, is contained in the following video.


School Teachers and Other School Officials Being Trained on How to Report Your Children to CPS

*And tell me again, why you send your children to that “government school”? ~MFP
by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News
As “Back to School” time approaches, parents everywhere are preparing – shopping for school supplies and clothes, adjusting schedules, and making arrangements for after-school care.
The public needs to be aware that, while parents get ready to send children back to public school, teachers and staff in the schools are undergoing mandatory training right now that will result in some children being taken from their families, perhaps permanently.
Several sources from within the system have told us that the first 6 weeks of school are the time of year when CPS seizes more children than any other time of the year…. READ MORE

** If you are wondering, this article is in the “police abuse” category it is  because for CPS to get their hands on your children,  order followers in blue must kidnap your children without the guaranteed in the Constitution,  due process of a jury trial.  Think about it. ~MFP


Anything Goes When You’re a Cop in America

By John W. Whitehead
August 8, 2017

“There is one criminal justice system for citizens—especially black and brown ones—and another for police in the United States.”—Redditt Hudson, former St. Louis police officer


President Trump needs to be reminded that no one is above the law, especially the police.

Unfortunately, Trump and Jeff Sessions, head of the Justice Department (much like their predecessors) appear to have few qualmsabout giving police the green light to kill, shoot, taser, abuse and steal from American citizens in the so-called name of law and order…………….. READ MORE