WHITE HOUSE DOWN! A Coup and Counter Coup Is Raging Across An Unaware America

by Dave Hodges on Friday, April 17, 2020

America has fallen. It has taken just over a century to put America on her knees, however, your life and liberties will never be the same. There are several key dates that Americans can point to in terms of pinpointing when America began to crumble. The pace of the destruction of America has increased with great rapidity since Obama became president. This country has been defeated and here a sequential look at the events that led up to our present level of subjugation.

An unmistakable coup has hit the White House. As I have pointed out on many occasions, the President has essentially been neutered. We have seen Trump try and strike back such as when he defunded the World Health Organization. However, there is an unmitigated coup in place and the defeat of America is being engineered by Big Pharma.

Below are the dates as to when it started to go wrong for America. If any republic form or government, complete with civil liberties, ever forms again on the planet, let this serve as an example as to how a nation with supposedly an irrevocable set of civil liberties, ordained by God, and a government in which no concentration of power permits satanically inspired tyranny to ever gain a foothold. The lesson learned from the demise of the United States is that any future republic learns the lesson of Ben Franklin: When a nation trades liberties for security, they will get, no deserve neither!” America has reaping the harsh reality of making deals with the Devil and not keeping Jesus, front and center, in all that we do.

1. The year 1913 is an important year because it marked the year that the banksters totally gained control over our economy through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This culminated in the bankers, through Franklin Roosevelt removing America from the gold standard and marked the ushering in of controlling America through debt management.

2. In 1944, at the Bretton Woods Agreement Conference, the United States totally surrendered its sovereignty to the forces of the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking forces by forcing the nations of the world to accept the dictates of the centralized banking system. The birth of the Petrodollar was introduction of stage four cancer to all of America and her economic freedoms.

3. In 1947, the NSA and CIA became operational and marked the birth of the national police state surveillance grid. The CIA, an outgrowth of the WWII spy organization, the OSS, became a permanent structure in the American landscape. Today, the CIA is a private corporation which operates as a prostitute for global banking interests as they do not represent the United States. In the case of these despotic organizations, the Ben Franklin admonition takes center stage. …Read More

Phase 1–Phase 2 and the Lies Democratic Mayors and Governors Will Tell to You In Order to Keep You Locked Down Until Election Day!

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Thursday, April 16, 2020

Phase 1–Phase 2 and the Lies Democratic Mayors and Governors Will Tell to You. The person in the cover photo is the extreme leftist mayor of Phoenix, Kate Gallego, that raged like a spoiled toddler at Governor Doug Ducey for not shutting down EVERYTHING in Arizona at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

You have heard about the new normal. This is the three phased in approach getting life back to normal. If you are unlucky enough live in a Blue State/city/county, very little will change for you. If you live in a Red State/city/county, life will begin to get back to normal.

The Deep State Has Enacted a Coup Against the People!!! Here Are the Things They Can Now Do to You (Pt 1)

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Bravo Sierra factor as it and all time high. It is impossible for the average person to navigate the smoke screen of BS coming out of the main stream media and even inside of our own government.

Several times in the last 10 days we have heard of the phrase from people in the Covid-19 briefings which ominously proclaim that “this is a military operation”. How much more clear can it be when the people who are taking over this nation, destroying your constitutional liberties, destroying your aconomy, destroying your ability to take care of your families, are telling you in plain language, “we’ve come, we’ve seen, and we’ve conquered”!

It is quite clear, that the president is not fully in charge. He has sporadic bouts of striking back against the power that has been stripped from him. For example, he has moved to defund the World Health Organization, but this action is a day late and a dollar short. However, I do agree with this as a symbolic protest to the take over of this country using this virus as the excuse.

When I speak to people with extensive military backgrounds, they echo exactly what the Covid-19 team has said, this is indeed a military operation. Tanks do not need to be deployed to communities on American streets to fight a virus. When a director from the WHO stated we are coming into American homes to seize the sick, why didn’t Trump speak out? However the opposite reaction from the other side in which the ignorant state that the Coronavirus is not dangerous is ludicrous and ridiculous. Yes, I agree the majority of the danger of this virus is directed at people over 60 with the already identifed underlying health conditions. And yes, I agree that most of the restrictions being put upon the people has nothing to do with the virus, but rather it has to do with political control and is the major part of the coup against the United States. ….Read More


Unfortunately this is basically spot on. It is based upon illegitimate law, but most of our “laws” are illegitimate, but the “police”  enforce them regardless.  Let’s hope that we don’t continue upon this dangerous and scary path.

What matters in the real world is will you accept this, will you go along?

Revelation 21:8
“But for the cowardly, unbelieving, sinners, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their part is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”



A Big Pharma Coup Has Taken Over the Presidency

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, April 13, 2020

President Trump has lost control of the Executive Branch of the government. This article will demonstrate that he is no longer in control. His supposed underlings are undermining his authority. In particular, the Democratic governors are blocking Trump’s endorsement of anti-viral drugs to treat COVID-19 because profits do not flow back to his underlings, who have blatant conflict of interests and in particular, Bill Gates, and the vaccine empire. Further, Trump’s underlings, Fauci in particular, are publicly berating the President and the President seems unable to do anything about it except to say these people should be fired. Even if Trump rediscovered his Presidential backbone, it is too late. We have reached over 50% unemployment. The stimulus is like bailing out the Titanic with a teaspoon and will not stave off the planned Greatest Depression. Famine is in our future, as has been repeatedly demonstrated in past articles on the CSS. The MSM has successfully blamed Trump for the crisis and soon, he will not be electable. All of social media heavily censors any contrary facts to this coup’s cover story, such as the fact that EVERY person on the COVID-19 team has a major conflict of interest which is fed by vaccine profits. Even the President’s allies, such as Sen. Ron Johnson, cannot seem to motivate the President to action. At the time of this writing, it is difficult to absolutely pinpoint when the President’s administration was hijacked, but it is apparent. for all who have eyes to see, that is exactly what has happened.

Physicians and Key Legislators Want Anti-Viral Drugs to be Used Against the Coronavirus….Read More

Blue ISIS is NOT “Law Enforcement”: “Police” across the US are trashing our rights and the Constitution!

 Throughout my life I have witnessed an increasing militarization, and law breaking by what most people refer to as “law enforcement”.    Those that have actually read the US Constitution, know that “police” are members of the executive branch. That they are referred to as  “administrators” of the law. Nowhere in the entire US Constitution is “law enforcement” mentioned. That is because “law enforcement” in this county is not delegated to government!  (Ponder why you have been taught the exact opposite of reality)   Who is law enforcement then?   You are!

Usually in the form of either a grand or petit jury.  Think about it, the law is NOT enforced until YOU as a juror vote either guilty or not guilty.  There is another form of law enforcement that you are part  of,  but you  have let die out.  That is the milita’s of the several states.  The lack of widespread knowledge of the 2 juries and the milita are primary reasons that we have lost most of our rights in this country as these institutions  are the true law enforcement in this county.

FWIW “police”  are better described as  Blue ISIS. This is reality. Break out of your programming before it is too late.

This audio book was released  by Constitutional attorney John Whitehead 5 years ago. Yet it contains the most poignant thoughts on our current dystopian dilemma in which  men in blue costumes are currently trashing the highest law of the land, the US Constitution and our most basic rights.

Any “law” that violates the Constitution is immediately null and void. But most Americans have been so dumbed down that they don’t even know the basics.     IF you want to understand what  the “police” and your government are doing to your rights. You really should consider listening to this. Today.

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

In Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the follow-up to his award-winning book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead paints a terrifying portrait of a nation at war with itself and which is on the verge of undermining the basic freedoms guaranteed to the citizenry in the Constitution. Indeed, police have been transformed into extensions of the military, towns and cities have become battlefields, and the American people have been turned into enemy combatants, to be spied on, tracked, scanned, frisked, searched, subjected to all manner of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, shot at, locked up, and denied due process.

Yet this police state did not come about overnight. As Whitehead notes, this shift into totalitarianism cannot be traced back to a single individual or event. Rather, the evolution has been so subtle that most American citizens were hardly even aware of it taking place. Yet little by little, police authority expanded, one weapon after another was added to the police arsenal, and one exception after another was made to the standards that have historically restrained police authority. Add to this mix the merger of Internet megacorporations with government intelligence agencies, and you have the making of an electronic concentration camp that not only sees the citizenry as databits but will attempt to control every aspect of their lives. And if someone dares to step out of line, they will most likely find an armed SWAT team at their door.

©2015 John W. Whitehead (P)2015 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.

Battlefield America: The War on the American People


GLOBAL BOMBSHELL: CHINA ADMITS TO HARVESTING & TESTING COVID-19-LIKE CORONAVIRUSES AT WUHAN LAB Obama’s NIH paid the Chinese weapons lab $3.7 million to conduct SARS-Coronavirus research

Obama’s NIH paid the Chinese weapons lab $3.7 million to conduct SARS-Coronavirus research

Global Bombshell: China Admits To Harvesting & Testing COVID-19-Like Coronaviruses At Wuhan Lab

Documents obtained by the Daily Mail confirm that Communist China had been harvesting, developing, and testing novel coronaviruses on mammals using grant money from the U.S. government under former President Obama.

Alex Jones and Dr. Francis Boyle are live right now breaking down these bombshell revelations and more!

For months China had been claiming the coronavirus now known as COVID-19 originated from a wet market in Wuhan, but evidence shows that the Institute of Virology in Wuhan undertook coronavirus experiments on mammals, including bats, backed by grants from the National Institute of Health.

The results of the NIH-backed research were published in a 2017 study called “Discovery of a rich gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses provides new insights into the origin of SARS coronavirus.”

“Bats in a cave in Yunnan, China were captured and sampled for coronaviruses used for lab experiments,” the study said.

“All sampling procedures were performed by veterinarians with approval from the Animal Ethics Committee of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

“Bat samplings were conducted ten times from April 2011 to October 2015 at different seasons in their natural habitat at a single location (cave) in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Bats were trapped and faecal swab samples were collected.”….Read More

“America Is Undeniably Under Martial Law” Says Famed Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead -CSS

An excellent book by John Whitehead:
Battlefield America: The War on the American People



Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

This interview a ground-breaking interview! Please keep in mind that this interview took place on a terrestial radio station. It is guaranteed that this type of interview, with this quality of guest, did not take place in America on a terrestial radio station anywhere in America.

They may not call it martial law, but it is, nonetheless, martial law. America is now under martial law so says a famed Constitutional attorney. Everything that is part of martial law is in play except the dusk to dawn curfews. One cannot travel without their “papers please”. The feared and vaunted social credit system is coming into play in America, just like in China. We are spied upon on a 24/7/365 basis without exception. There is not privacy left in America. You are being probed and catalogued for future disposition.

From a radio program that has brought you critical information from people like Steve Quayle and Bob Griswold, this show will provide the listener with a view of America’s legal and law enforcement system unlike any interview that we have ever been a part of.

In the first hour, Dave Hodges and Paul Martin were joined by famed Constitutional Attorney, John Whitehead, the founder of the Rutherford Institute. Whitehead details the establishment of martial law in America, and its occurring TODAY as your read these words!  Before you raise your eyebrows at this latest statement, please realize that this is an attorney who has argued and won cases before the Supreme Court and he is sounding the alarm as to the dictatorial oligarchy we Americans are finding ourselves living under. If one wonders why Hillary and Comey are still walking free, this interview will open your eyes as to why this is true. The rule of law is virtually dead in America.    

In the interview, Whitehead discussed how both Federal and State law enforcement agencies are arming up with billions of hollow point bullet rounds while systematically trying to disarm the Americans that they are charged with trying to protect. Further, John Whitehead actually used the term “red list” when asked why we are living in a police state surveillance grid. Decades ago, Steve Quayle introduced the term “red list” in the American lexicon to describe the naughty and nice list the government is compiling for future action against “uncooperative” Americans.

Whitehead also discusses the establishment of a police state that condemns 1.5 milion Americans, annually, to mental institutions for their political beliefs, not for actual mental illness. Many of these Americans are forcibly medicated against their will WITHOUT the required court order. America is in the early stages of what could accurately be referred to as FEMA camp incarcerations.

In the 1970’s the world chastized the former Soviet Union for practicing “political schizophrenia”, which was the incarceration of political activists solely based on their beliefs under the guise of a mental illness diagnosis. Did you know that there were 80,000 swat team raids in America last year? Citizens are being “executed” as unconstitutional red flag laws are illegally enforced.

In the following interview, Whitehead details case after case of Americans who are illegally abused by their government for having the “wrong” political beliefs. ….Read More


The Five Point Plan Which Rescues America From Our Present “New Normal” Planned Demise– Mike Adams and Dave Hodges



America’s economy is in shambles. America’s mental health is in steep decline with dramatic increases in suicide, spousal abuse and substance abuse. The Constitution lies in ruin. America cannot survive under these conditions. Americans cannot survive under these conditions. AND THIS IS ALL BEING DONE BY DESIGN.

President Trump has allowed himself to be surrounded by a dozen traitors to the Republic who have demonstrative allegiances to forces which are behind these abuses of our healthcare and our civil liberties. America is a nation that is undergoing an internal war resulting in a coup. Trump is a participant in his own demise. His COVID-19 team has demonstrable financial ties to the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. The most notorious example include Fausi who is on the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Gates owns the COVID-19 team and we know that Gates is dedicated to the overthrow of the US government and the establishment of a New World Order regime. It is not an exaggeration to state that everyone of the COVID-19 team is directly or indirectly a prostitute for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their junion partner, Eli Lilly!

Americans have no rights and the civil liberty abuses are far worse in Democratic run societies where people are undergoing forced medical treatment after one patient was told they were not under arrest and the patient asked for a lawyer. An attorney told me that this was aggravated assault and kidnapping, but these kinds of behaviors permeate in the so-called “Blue cities.” The Democrats, at the local and state level are engaged in behaviors that are intended on punishing the masses with the hope that the resulting anger will be blamed on Trump at the polls this November. Why would these Bolsheviks engage in such treasonous behavior? Because they know that they cannot win an election with their communist approach to our nation’s problems. Further, Americans don’t like the Soviet gulags that four of Bernie Sanders staff members endorsed for Trump supporters during the campaign.

Along the lines related the context of these issues, I recently interviewed Mike Adams. Mike’s research is the best I have seen with regard to the COVID-19 virus. Mike is already banned from Facebook and Youtube. He was just recently banned from Twitter by a despot who wants Universal Basic Income (UBI). This is where you are paid for not working. This approach is indicative of the belief that the Democrats NEVER intend on returning America to normal. UBI is simply the fattening up of humans in anticipation of ridding the elite of this depreciating asset, called the common man, and these abuses are all being  prior to fully ushering in the age of Transhumanism. In laymans terms, we call this depopulation. And don’t forget this is all a prelude leading into forced vaccinations with unproven and dangerous BILL GATES vaccines all in the name of saving America from the bioweapon from Wuhan, COVID-19.  I call it profiting on the depopulation program. At the center of it all, is Bill Gates, who has replaced the late David Rockefeller as Public Enemy #1…..

In the course of our interview, Mike Adams presents a detailed 5 point plan which would basically eradicate the virus while returning America to normal. No wonder the New World Order wants to silence Mike Adams. Well, Mike is not censored here.


The Mike Adams and Dave Hodges interview can be accessed at this link.



Dave Hodges: The Biggest Violations of the Constitution Comes From These Cities

MFP Commentary:
I disent Dave:  
It’s self evident that the biggest violators of the US Constitution,  and our rights, and have been for the entire 62 years I have been on this earth, are  the so called “police”. The people that stole more last year though asset forfeiture than lesser criminals did. They are the people that enforce the United Nations, Satanically directed  War on drugs and their War on Guns. 


This is not about political parties this is about the institution of Blue ISIS that enforces and has enforced for decades the illegitimate edicts of the Soros controlled psychopaths that we euphemistically call legislators. What is really concerning  Dave is that you continue to support them regardless of what they do. Please read the Constitution Dave!! THE POLICE ARE DOING VERY UNCONSTITUTIONAL THINGS HERE IN SMALL TOWN MISSOURI AND THEY HAVE FOR DECADES DAVE!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?