Civil War II Is Going Hot and Threatens to Expand to Outer Space! Continuity of Government Has Been Invoked – Dave Hodges

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Have you read the part of the Constitution about the militia yet?
Where the hell is the militia Dave? Where are the real Americans? There are millions of us and only thousands of them.


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By now, most readers are familiar with the fact that a corridor running south of I-70 through Richfield to Camp Williams, the backup site for NSA headquarters located in Pinebluff, are actively receiving large numbers of people.

The story is filled with communities that are small but with very large runways receiving high volume jet and helicopter traffic and this activity now appears to be mostly complete. The CSS has had it confirmed that we are under Continuity of Government.

The Kingman-Wikieup Region

Thanks to reports from Bridget Langston, a Kingman local community activist, we learned that after three days of intense troop activity at the local Walmart and a nearby McDonalds, the troop activity has ended. However, two communities who are part of the Kingman-Wikieup region are experiencing similar activities.  The other communities are the town of Williams and Wikieup, population 133.

It now strongly appears that the cover story told to Bridget Langston which stated that “We have been training and we are on our way back to Colorado” was blatantly false and we can be certain of this because the most recently reported activity came from Wikieup (located on State Highway 89) and Williams are decidedly not on the way back “to Colorado”.

It would appear that at least, for now, that the VIPs have been delivered to the underground system in Utah is completed. Simultaneously, the deployment of troops to guard the entrances of the underground tunnel system at the nexus point in Kingman, and in and around the Kingman region, is completed as well.

Enter Paul Preston and New California

The President of the New California movement, Paul Preston, called me late last night to talk about the fires. Both Northern California and Oregon are on fire, literally! Paul said the New California people were in the information loop from the administration because they are technically involved.

I want to make it clear that Paul Preston did not explicity state the following statements made by myslef, but it is plain to see that anyone who has eyes to see that if a regime change impacting Newsom, New California personnel could undertake the task of taking over state government, on a provisional basis, in order to fill the leadership void. Paul did allude that arrests are coming and Newsom and others, like California Attorney General, Javier Bacera, are all in big trouble. Hence, my conclusion is completely logical.

In the course of last night’s conversation with Paul Preston, I began telling the Utah Continuity of Government story, and which I switched to the Kingman story, he interrupted me and completed both scenarios with the same up-to-date information which matched my accounts 100% with no variation. In fact, Paul did mention, like I have previously claimed, that space-based weapons are being used to start the majority, if not all of the fires. I am interviewing Paul Preston at within the next hour this morning on this topic…..Read More