Georgia Gov. Kemp says mask mandate will cause unemployment to skyrocket

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, July 19, 2020

By Arsenio Toledo


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp stated Friday that a mask mandate could cause unemployment in the state to rise. Kemp, however, still admitted that wearing face masks had benefits when it came to fighting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“This is not about masks,” Kemp told reporters at the Georgia State Capitol building in downtown Atlanta. “We all agree it’s good to wear a mask, in the right situation. This is about protecting the livelihoods of our citizens.”

Georgia held back the coronavirus without mask mandates

To make his case that the mask mandate is tied to unemployment, Kemp pointed to California. The latter, which made wearing face coverings anywhere outside the home mandatory in June, currently has an unemployment rate of 16.7 percent compared to Georgia’s own 7.6 percent unemployment rate.

He further highlighted how, in the town of Albany, Georgia, the residents fully embraced mask recommendations without the need for a mandate and were able to fight back against the coronavirus. Albany, which was the epicenter of Georgia’s outbreak, was able to effectively deal with the coronavirus by working closely with the state government, all without needing to force people to wear masks…Read More

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