Clergy Response Teams Are Being Activated! Can You Trust Your Pastor?

by Dave Hodges on Monday, June 29, 2020

The stories are everywhere on the net; The Clergy Response Teams are being activated and that can mean only one thing, someone inside of FEMA is preparing for the purge of conservatives, particularly conservative Christians after the Democrats (ie Bolshevik communists) seize control of the government. Here is some relevant history that every American needs to be aware of which explores the important answers to this question.

Who is Next? Has your pastor condemned the Islamic practice of beheading Christians? Does your pastor fear God or does he fear Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and her promised persecution of anyone who speaks out against radical Islamic inspired terrorism and the elements of a Red Dawn invasion force who have coalesced on our border with many more coming? Has your preacher spoken out on behalf of the 70 million babies who have been butchered by Planned Parenthood. Who speaks for the babies? Who speaks for Christians? Who speaks for the citizens of a nation that are under judgement by God for their reprehensible sins?….Read More