The Royal Scam: Disease, Debt, Deficits And The Circus Of Lies By Bill Buppert

The Royal Scam: Disease, Debt, Deficits and the Circus of Lies by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note: I just completed a two-day pistol & carbine course with Bob Keller at Gamut Resolutions, he is the real deal. Honest and substantive firearms training for the intermediate to advanced shooter. He came out here to southern Arizona the first week of April while many of us braved the wild to get together and break bread as shooters for an intense two days of challenging shooting instruction and drills. I saw real improvement in just two days on speed which is my primary training gap. I am dead-nuts accurate but once the pace increases naturally shot groups start to expand.

Just got finished at the range this morning here in AZ where fortunately my local club is still allowing members only to shoot, the local communist mayor and her frightened Bolshies on the city council have continued to shutter “non-essential” businesses.

The sole non-essential business in America is government.

The local bedwetters are still committing economic seppuku by forcing shuttered businesses to remain closed.

Again, this is a prime opportunity for a gaps analysis of your preparations and your will to be responsible for delivering a better world for your children.

Michael Z hits it out of the park.

And, yes, I am astonished that Comrade Slow Joe the Hair-sniffer is the heir apparent for the CP-USA. His gaffes are hilarious and I find it pathetic that his wife and the other psychopaths in the party drag him out of the memory facility every day to compete in the loose denture Olympics with Comrade Malig-Nancy Pelosi. I loved when she and her comrades wore their hoodless Klan robes at the State of the Union.

Any COBOL coders out there to help the comrades in New Jersey fix their Soviet employment system?

When communist vermin in Calizuela try to buy guns and are hoisted on their own petards… Is it the San Andreas or Donald Trump’s Fault now? I wonder how many of the liberals have a gun free zone sign in front of their homes?

Fifteen percent of their theft is down. Poor coproaches!

Land of the free in MS!

286 shopping days until the next human fungus slithers into the Awful Office! -BB

Fuck the media both local and national, these scientifically illiterate chicken littles keep pumping a narrative that takes the worst parts of neo-Lysenkosim and the playbook from the climate alarmists to shutter an economy and hobble the productive class to the wishes of the parasite classes, which is the whole of government from the local to the Federal level. We even have an official snitch line here in Tucson, AZ for Comrade-mayor Romero to keep tabs on scofflaws who refuse to buckle to the idiotic diktats of statist monsters….Read More