The Creed of Slaves By Becky Akers April 3, 2020

The Creed of Slaves

With the arrests of preachers in Florida and Louisiana, the rotten fruit of Christendom’s genuflecting to the State drops and splatters. American clergy couldn’t close their doors fast enough when bureaucrats and politicians “suggested” they do so—but such kowtowing has only emboldened Leviathan. The beast no longer contents itself with urging parishioners to stay home: it now forbids them to convene.

And it’s persecuting dissidents. In Florida, Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne “was arrested Monday at his home one day after his church was packed with worshippers…,” while Rev. Tony Spell in Louisiana “fac[es] misdemeanor charges for holding services…” that attracted 1,265 attendees.

No wonder crowds crammed both churches: if Southern ecclesiastics are as biddable as their counterparts elsewhere, none but our heroes defied the demonic decrees against assembling. That left Christians with one venue alone for corporate worship in their respective states last Sunday.

Praise God for bold believers rebelling against tyrants! Why aren’t the faithful throughout America following suit? Indeed, Rev. Spell opened the Life Tabernacle Church’s doors again Tuesday evening, while The River at Tampa Bay Church “held two Sunday services with hundreds of people…” Cops “reportedly became furious” that Rev. Howard-Browne, “was encouraging his large congregation to meet at his church.’” One day, that charge will be engraved on the crown Dr. Howard-Browne throws at his Savior’s feet.

In exercising their rights under the First Amendment, all these assemblages violated the unconstitutional “safer-at-home order in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus.” Allow me to amend that last bit of propaganda: the “safer-at-home (what infuriating, focus-grouped jargon!) order” is “in place” to eviscerate the remainders of our shredded liberty; C-virus is the excuse, as 9/11 was before it. And just as federal perverts continue groping passengers in airports nineteen years after controlled demolition pulverized the World Trade Center, so alleged pandemics will justify “lockdowns”—i.e., martial law—decades hence. COVID-19 is the new 9/11.

But not if courageous Christians defy Our Rulers. Dr. Howard-Browne previously mocked the hysteria over this flu; that may account for Leviathan’s hounding him now. Self-important officials hate ridicule as much as they do such fans of limited government as Dr. Howard-Browne. Rev. Spell likewise dismisses the furor over flu as “politically motivated” and insists that “no ‘dictator law’ should keep people from worshiping God.” Going for broke, he added, “We hold our religious rights dear, and we are going to assemble no matter what someone says.” Is that a chorus of Founding Fathers I hear shouting, “AMEN!”?

Meanwhile, the persecution of these saints resembles that of martyrs overseas. China hounds its Christians and their churches when it isn’t outright torturing them; it, too, justifies its oppression as “protecting” citizens, in this case from Westernization.

And so Florida pesters Dr. Howard-Browne and his flock: “Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told church leaders they were in direct violation of the order that was issued by Hillsborough County officials and went into effect Friday.” Then ol’ Chad and “his command staff met with The River at Tampa Bay Church leaders about the danger they are putting themselves — and their congregation — in by not maintaining appropriate social distancing, but Howard-Browne held the services.” Oh, the gall! Finally, “The Sheriff’s Office also placed a digital sign on the road near the church driveway that said ‘practice social distancing.’” Wanna bet Chad didn’t placard the roads near Leviathan’s bureaucracies? Regardless, his intimidation couldn’t sway our brave brothers from their duty….Read More

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