It’s official: “Blue ISIS” at gunpoint steals more from Americans than the regular “thieves”

MFP Commentary:
It can no longer be denied.  The thugs in blue costumes (Blue ISIS) outright steal at gunpoint more than the other criminals that we throw the book at.   We pay the salaries of these criminals.  Do you ever think that these thugs will be charged with crimes like they should be?   Just like the “drug warrior” cops should be?

When they can take your children away… how free are you?

When they can take your children away… how free are you?

George Reby was driving from New Jersey to Tennessee to pick up a car he had purchased on eBay when he was stopped for speeding.

Like many Americans, George felt he had nothing to hide from the police. So when the officer asked him if he was carrying any large amounts of cash, he admitted he had $22,000 on him because he was buying a car.

George was able to show the officer his eBay bids, and that the sale was legitimate. He was able to demonstrate that he has income from his job as an insurance adjuster.

But none of that mattered. The cop seized George’s money on the spot.

Later, in a court hearing that George was not allowed to participate in, the judge allowed the police to keep the money even though George was never charged with a crime…..Read More