Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines (1 in every 39 vaccines causes injury)

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A word of warning, do not talk about the vaccine  reality to the management at Fordland medical clinic or you like me may be illegally  banned from using the facility like I was.  As things stand I have no access at all to affordable dental  care due to the  inhuman actions of one Sonia Cass at the  Fordland Medical Clinic.  They do not care about your health at this clinic. They are much more interested in enforcing blatantly illegal Federal health mandates. (such as pushing dangerous vaccines, mandatory dental x-rays  & creating victim disarmament zones)  If you speak up they will even  go to to the extent of denying dental care to the elderly, as they have myself.

Read about that story here:
MEDICAL TYRANNY at the Fordland medical clinic?


  • The Facts:A 2010 HHS pilot study by the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) found that 1 in every 39 vaccines causes injury, a shocking comparison to the claims from the CDC of 1 in every million.
  • Reflect On:Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be?

We are constantly told that vaccines are safe and effective and that there’s nothing to worry about. This simply isn’t the case, and it’s a hard-to-swallow truth that many people refuse to acknowledge. Mass marketing campaigns portray vaccines in a ‘God-like’ light, and the science is being ignored. The truth is that vaccines are actually exempt from double blind placebo controlled studies and they have not been put through appropriate safety testing. Furthermore, a number of concerns have been raised about vaccine safety by a number of scientists arounds the world. I like to use aluminum as an example. A study published in 2011 makes the issue quite clear, stating, “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor.” Fast forward nearly a decade later and scientists have now shown that injected aluminum does not exit the body, it actually sticks around and gets carried by specific cells into distant organs and into the brain where it can be detected after injection (source)(source). Multiple studies have emphasized these findings, and the studies do nothing but trigger silence from big pharma as well as our federal health regulatory agencies…..Read More

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