Mad Cow Disease (BSE): Nutritional Susceptability or Infectious Cause

MFP Commentary:

I don’t think that most of what is being called mad cow, is that at all. My conclusion: “It’s your diet stupid”
The following article  confirms a lot of that sentiment:
Mad Cow Disease (BSE): Nutritional Susceptability or Infectious Cause
Lack of adequate fats, in the correct proportions like AL, ALA, DHA, & EPA, is what is behind most neurodegenerative disease along with excessive carbohydrate consumption & the accompanying high glucose and insulin levels.

In a way the government path  looks like a red herring to keep people eating the way that causes these problems. Do you think that your government is capable of that? (rhetorical question)

Problems with accepted view
According to the official view, Mad Cow Disease or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is caused by an infectious agent, which is spread by consuming infected brain tissue from the same or other animal species. However, as far as Professor Crawford knows, no known replication of BSE has occurred by feeding the purified, deformed prion protein at the concentrations, which would have initiated the epidemic. (Photo Courtesy of Merrill Clark, Roseland Organic Farms, Cassopolis, Michigan)

Specifically, how did one genetically mutated scrapie virus (deformed prion protein) in one sheep brain, mixed into the animal feed, infect virtually the whole of the intensively fed English herd within the 12 months from 1986 to ’87 and be found right across the UK by the end of 1988? You have to propose that thousands of sheep were affected with the mutated scrapie virus to obtain a rational, infective level in the animal feed of the nation. If that had happened it would have been obvious in the sheep. Attempts to prove the presence of such a mutation in the sheep herd have failed miserably……Read More