Dave Hodges and Shauna Cox Threatened Over Revelations Regarding the Murder at Mulheur

MFP Commentary:
More evidence  of the FBI going around the country murdering people. ie.  Ruby Ridge, Waco, Gordon Kahl….

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Dave Hodges and Shauna Cox Threatened Over Revelations Regarding the Murder at Mulheur



What did Shauna and I talk about that has this these person(s) so very upset that I would receive such a cryptic warning:

In our meeting,  Shanna and I discussed the following:

  1. She was shocked that, other than Finecum, that the remaining passengers basically escaped unharmed, except for the fact that Ryan Bundy was wounded in the arm. I have learned that the FBI more than likely planned to execute them all in the car and then invent a plausible narrative. I have also learned that on that day, the FBI employed mercenaries to carry out the hit in order to help maintain plausible deniability. I have also learned that an unidentified person showed up at the murder scene and it brought an end to the killing.
  2. The parties that had been traveling in Finecum’s vehicle were taken to a nearby county hospital in which Shauna said that the hospital had been prepared for a mass casualty event. In other words, Shauna had all the visual proof  needed to conclude that the mass casualty event being planned at the hospital signaled the FBI intention to murder all the participants in a Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. type of event. What is interesting about this that in the past several days, it has been widely reported that FEMA director referred to Americans as “cattle”. Also, I have learned from more than one source, that FEMA regional directors are being told that the use of lethal force against dissidents and resisters is authorized and there will be no resulting prosecutions for such actions. For those that think that FEMA camps are a myth, you may wish to reconsider that position.
  3. When the mass casualty event did not take place, the FBI and their team of mercenaries had to worry about the statements of medical personnel who were involved in the planning. Shauna revealed that five of them have been murdered. Two of the three nurses involved were shot in the back of the head and the two cases were ruled a suicide. One other nurse died an unnatural death that I do not have the details for. Plus, two doctors died unnatural deaths. The forces of darkness could not have stories of mass casualty event planning surfacing because this could lead to too many questions from investigators like myself.
  4. Shauna also revealed that the Vegas massacre was related to the Mulheur event in terms of intent to inflict mass casualties on the American people. I spoke with Paul Preston yesterday and he confirmed what we already knew, the Vegas massacre was a beta test. The Mulheur event was a conditioning and desensitization event, that never came to fruition.
  5. And of course, Shauna revealed that the original Bundy Ranch affair was about Hillary extracting uranium from their land in the infamous Uranium One affair. Remember, I previously documented in the summer of 2017, that Robert Mueller delivered the first batch of uranium to the Russians on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. Are these dots connecting for the readers? I certainly hope so……….”  Read more