Masses Should Begin Vitamin C Supplementation To Head Off A Mental Health Catastrophe

By January 18, 2019


Alzheimer’s mental decline can be headed off years in advance of the occurrence of symptoms with the use of vitamin C supplements but not with oranges or apples that are considered to be vitamin C-rich foods.

Don’t wait for your doctor or public health authorities to produce a vaccine or a drug to prevent the predicted tripling of Alzheimer’s disease from 4.7 to 13.8 million by the year 2050.  The research community has already identified the initial step in the development of Alzheimer’s but is reluctant to make a public health pronouncement that would upset the current pharmaceutical drug paradigm that predominates in modern medicines (none of the five classes of approved drug for this brain disease address its cause).

Mounting evidence points to vitamin C as a preventive measure to head off this ongoing mental health catastrophe.  Consumption of vitamin C-rich foods (example: oranges) won’t be effective.  Dietary supplements would be needed and taken throughout the day to achieve optimal blood levels as this water-soluble nutrient is rapidly excreted.

The science building up to this “discovery” is as follows:

  • Brain levels of vitamin C are higher than in other in other organs.
  • Blood plasma levels of vitamin C are lower in Alzheimer’s patients than in healthy individuals
  • Deficiencies in vitamin C are associated with mental decline.
  • Smoking tobacco, which depletes vitamin C, is increases the risk for Alzheimer’s dementia,
  • Supplemental vitamin C improves the behavior of laboratory animals genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s.