EDITORIAL: The new Missouri Marijuana Laws are an abomination.

MFP Commentary:
I am just getting up to speed on how the MO legislature sold their bosses (us) down the proverbial river.

NORML  published the following on their web site:

“Yes, up to six flowering plants. Qualifying patients must obtain an identification card from the Department of Health. Cultivation must take place in a “closed, locked facility.”

Do I have to go into a lot of depth to illustrate what governments do with the  information that they “require” from you?   (such as this defacto MO growers card) The Census information in Nazi Germany was crucial in rounding up the Jews, and would not have succeeded as well without this information.   Two of my neighbors here in Missouri grew up in a Concentration camp in  Northern California.  It was called “camp no no”, a rabbit hole that I can down at a later time.

When the agents of the deep state/United Nations come to your door  at 3 am, they will already have a list of what firearms you have purchased,  because the criminals at the FBI have not destroyed this data as required by law, but instead created a database of gun owners and what weapons they own.  (FWIW there is  currently a class action lawsuit against the FBI for criminally obtaining the list of Missouri concealed carry permit holders and then trying to deny them gun rights by going into their private medical records)   There is also the NSA surveillance state  that knows if you bought gun related items on Amazon or with your credit card.
 How many gun owners (most all of Missouri) know that in Colorado that the disperies  will tell you if you ask,  (so much for full disclosure) that getting your medical MMJ card in CO puts you on a list of people that are not allowed to own guns!  Do not think that this will not be tried here in Missouri.

This entire  “legalization” is  screw job over a people so mentally ill and dumbed down that they don’t even realize that they are being raped…  I don’t have much faith in a population of voters that have allowed evil like this to flourish.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

~ Thomas Jefferson