My Name Is Not “Respondent Mother”: The Need for Judicial Reform in Child Welfare

MFP Commentary:
Reform?  If anything the criminals that have implemented this atrocity to our rights and to our children’s physical and mental health should be tried and dealt with for the same reasons that we tried the Nazi guards at Auschwitz prison camp.

“Reform” would still mean that you get a jury trial for littering, but not  if the state wants to kidnap your children. I vote on jail and even the death sentence for people that kidnap children, even if they work for the state under color of law.   If you are interested  there is a  Federal “Law”  that could be applied:   USC Title 18 sections 241 & 242   Not that we need this law.  There was no such law that permitted us to have the Nuremberg trials and hang Nazi war criminals. This kidnapping of our children and their resultant sexual, physical abuse, and even their  deaths  at the hands of the state is a very similar situation IMHO and deserves a similar response.




Commentary by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

Losing a child for any reason is one of the most devastating things that can ever happen to a parent. The process of dealing with Child Protective Services and family court, while never easy, often serves to dehumanize parents and children. Instead of serving to help families overcome challenges, the system creates further harm when it treats parents as though they are worthless.

Not only are civil and constitutional rights violated routinely, but many parents find that the system seeks to strip them of their basic human dignity.

Law professor Vivek Sankaran recognizes that the treatment of parents by the courts is counterproductive to goals of restoring the family and helping the children.

Sankaran wrote a piece for the American Bar Association addressing these concerns, with suggestions that could be implemented by the courts when dealing with parents facing allegations by CPS.

I would add a couple more suggestions:

  • Require actual evidence before accusing a parent or taking their children.
  • Ensure that social workers, doctors, police, attorneys, and judges follow the law… Read More