Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Personal Driver of 20 Years Was a Chinese Spy

MFP Commentary:
Of course he was, and she likley knew it. The Democratic party is so deep in bed with the Chinese government, that dozens could be charged with treason and executed just like the Rosenbergs. But then again we have not had a “justice system” in this country for over 100 years, if we ever did…

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reportedly had a Chinese spy infiltrate her office for some 20 years.

According to reports from Politico and The San Francisco Chronicle, the mole from the communist government served as Feinstein’s driver, an office gofer, a liaison to the Asian-American community, and even attended Chinese consulate functions on behalf of the senator.

Feinstein allegedly had no idea that the man was spy for some two decades, and only found out via the FBI five years ago. She was apparently “mortified” by the shocking news and reportedly forced the spy into resignation, but neglected to tell her staff of the revelation….. Read More