Multi-Generational Russian Spies Seeking to Destroy America From Within

It is called predictive programming. This is where a movie, a book or a TV shows us the globalist future for America. We have a clear case of it here with the TV show, The Americans.

The Plot of “The Americans”

The FX show, the Americans, is a spy drama about two KGB agents who are assigned to live as husband and wife in suburban Washington DC during the Reagan administration. The two KGB agents, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings came to America in their late teens.

In order to perpetuate their cover, the couple gives birth to children, Paige and Henry. For most of her young life, Paige was ignorant of their parents’ occupation as the couple maintained their cover as travel agents. However, as the long trips to carry out missions at 4AM became too hard to keep from their daughter, Paige began to ask questions.  Finally, at the age of 16, Paige was told the truth. When she graduated from high school, she showed an interest in joining the family business, while her younger brother, Henry, the youngest child, remained totally oblivious to the “family business.

Paige’s excessive preoccupation with becoming a second generation Soviet spy, led her to be groomed to obtain a high profile job within the American government. The threat that someone like Paige would have posed to the security of this country would have incalculable. She was an American citizen with documented past. And as an honor student, she could have entered into the State Department, the CIA, the FBI, etc…..  Read More

Multi-Generational Russian Spies Seeking to Destroy America From Within

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