MSG is much more dangerous that you have been led to believe

MFP commentary:
They have known the dangers of MSG since the 1950’s. What  have they done since then?  Hidden it in our foods (here) under  more than 30 different names. MSG is also how scientists make a lab animal fat.  It is also in almost all of your food. Are we just all lab animals on the farm?


We are all lab animals on their farm – The Story of Your Enslavement by Stefan Molyneux


Broth Is Beautiful

Weston A Price Article:

“…..Most serious, however, were the problems posed by MSG, problems the industry has worked very hard to conceal from the public. In 1957, scientists found that mice became blind and obese when MSG was administered by feeding tube. In 1969, MSG-induced lesions were found in the hypothalamus region of the brain. Other studies all point in the same direction–MSG is a neurotoxic substance that causes a wide range of reactions, from temporary headaches to permanent brain damage…..”   Read More


Broth is Beautiful