Kingsman’s Take on Drug Cartels Is More Fact than Fiction

by Jordan Setayesh
“The purpose of the government is to protect the drug cartel.” – Milton Friedman

The plot follows the Kingsman’s attempt to thwart both the evil plans of a monopolistic drug cartel run by Poppy Adams and the plans of the President of the United States. Unlike most action movies, there are two villains with opposing goals with a third-party hero (the Kingsman) having to thwart both plans.

The Kingsman’s dilemma is to stop both parties from killing innocent victims.

Poppy Adam’s motivations are, in a sense, noble. She runs a worldwide drug cartel that profited $250 billion in one year; yet, she laments that she must hide in isolation as her alcohol and tobacco counterparts embrace public praise. Thus, all she aims to do is end the War on Drugs and derive public praise for herself. Being a proper villain, Poppy is willing to put millions of lives in danger to achieve her goal.

Of course, in the film the President of the United States (who is subtly suggested to be a Republican) will do anything to keep the War on Drugs intact. Unsurprisingly, his attempt to thwart Poppy’s plans also put millions in danger. The Kingsman’s dilemma is, of course, to stop both parties from killing innocent victims.

The War on Drugs Made Poppy Adams Rich

How did Poppy Adams emerge as the leader of a monopolistic drug cartel? Well, she had a lot of help from the government. When the government prohibits something from legally being distributed and directs enormous amounts of resources to control the distribution of that substance, only firms with comparable amounts of resources will be able to circumvent these interdiction efforts and survive. Thus, the government’s War on Drugs has acted as a natural selection mechanism, eliminating the growth of less-resourced firms and catalyzing the development of well-resourced firms…. Read More