Winchester Man Shot by KSP over 3 Marijuana Plants

It’s clear to anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together, that the criminal thugs in blue that are euphemistically called “police” are both thugs and terrorists in every sense of the word.

USC title 18 sections 241 and 241 make it a serious crime to deprive an American Citizen of their civil rights. The penalty can include death.  (too bad cops are above this, and every law)

Number one they are trampling the Constitution, the highest law of the land, the very document these criminals in blue should be upholding. The Constitution gave the Federal government zero authority over what you put into your body. At the turn of the century they knew this and at least passed a constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol.

What these terrorists in blue did and are doing is no different than what the guards at Auschwitz did and were executed for. Order followers are the highest form of evil. They are human beings that will do anything, no matter how morally wrong and reprehensible solely because they were ordered to do so. In the case of the guards at Auschwitz that were gassing the Jews, they were doing as ordered, and following the law. The blue clad drug terrorists are doing the same thing. They are following the “law”. Even though their actions are in direct conflict with the highest law of the land. (that they swear an oath to uphold) In direct conflict with the principles that this country was founded upon. That we the people are the sovereigns, and that government exists solely to protect those rights.

We don’t have legitimate government any longer. We have blue clad useful idiots running about murdering people and calling it justice. It’s sad to see people this dumbed down.


You won’t believe this story.

Joel Naselroad and his parents live just outside Winchester Kentucky on a pretty, wooded 5-acre lot. There’s a pond with tame fish (they all come up when Joel whistles for them), a huge vegetable garden, several laying hens and a guinea, and a separate garden with an exotic array of peppers growing wild and hot. Among them is a Mexican pepper plant he’s nurtured for 8 years….. Read More


Winchester Man Shot by KSP over 3 Marijuana Plants