Harvey’s Victims: Prisoners Drink Toilet Water in a Fight to Survive Under Lockdown

This is how government ends up “protecting your rights” when they are allowed at all off of the leash.  Some of these people should be going to jail. What do you think the chances are? After all police   demand laws granting them  moral Moral Relativism, (a pillar of the church of  Satan BTW) they are not mere men like you and I.  ~MFP

Inmates in Texas experience flooding and lack of food and water. They are drinking toilet water while under lockdown and two prisoners were reported dead. Left Voice interviews Rachel, whose husband is currently in Beaumont Federal Prison.

An evacuated Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison surrounded by floodwaters last year. (David J. Phillip / AP)

The following interview was conducted over a week after Hurricane Harvey hit. Rachel’s husband has been an inmate in Beaumont Federal Prison, located about an hour outside of Houston and 40 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. Although some local media has denounced the conditions in the prison, in general, the media has remained silent on the plight of inmates…. Read More