Federal Set-Up The Conspiracy to Entrap Schaeffer Cox


Schaeffer Cox
Several months ago the US~Observer reported on the Schaeffer Cox case. In that article, which can be read here, we outlined how the government became interested in Cox simply because he spoke out against what he believed to be a corrupt US Government. You’d think the 1st Amendment which protects your right to free speech; to speak horribly of the government if you so choose, would have protected Cox, and you’re right it should have…… Read More


*** The suppression of free speech is what motivated me to launch this paper. I was treated like a Jew at Auschwitz by a Seymour MO cop for my free speech.
I would learn more about Shaeffer Cox.  The Feds frame people on a regular basis. That is if the don’t murder them first. Murder was the plan for Schaefer  by the FBI.    Here:

is  more information on  the Schaeffer Cox frame up  Here is a link to a  phenomenal talk made by Sheaffer:  .

Schaeffer Cox – The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

   You should give it a listen. It may wake you up. ~MFP